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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Two senses of 'Wei' (僞) : a new interpretation of Xunzi's theory of human natureFung, Yiu-Ming (馮耀明)
29-Nov-2013 JULAC Common Card ProjectLam, Ki-Tat; Li, Yiu On
27-Nov-2013 The Quality of China's GDP StatisticsHolz, Carsten A.
12-Nov-2013 Acoustic energy absorption metamaterialsSheng, Ping; Yang, Zhi-Yu; Wen, Wei-Jia; Mei, Jun; Ma, Guancong
Nov-2013 Use strategic assessment to demonstrate impact: a case study at the HKUST Learning CommonsWong, Gabrielle K. W.
Oct-2013 News media channels: complements or substitutes? Evidence from mobile phone usageXu, Jiao; Forman, Chris; Kim, Jun B.; Van Ittersum, Koert
26-Sep-2013 香港八校机构知识库整合系统Lam, Ki-Tat (林纪达)
10-Sep-2013 圖書館館員培育Chan, Diana L. H. (陳麗霞)
13-Aug-2013 Method and apparatus for driving reflective bistable cholestric displaysKwok, Hoi-Sing; Yu, Fei-Hong; Li, Qingcheng; Yip, Wing Chiu
13-Aug-2013 Implementing self-assembly nanometer-sized structures within metal - polymer interfaceWong, Kit Ying; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Xu, Bing
6-Aug-2013 Reliable normally-off III-nitride active device structures, and related methods and systemsChen, Jing
24-Jul-2013 基于具有安全特性的压缩技术来编码数据的系统和方法Au, Oscar C. (区子廉); Zhou, Jiantao(周建涛)
23-Jul-2013 Joint semantic segmentation of images and scan dataZhang, Hong-hui; Quan, Long
2-Jul-2013 Intelligent peer-to-peer media streamingTsang, Danny H. K.; Luan, Hao; Kwong, Kin Wah
Jul-2013 Sharing the Burden: Monetary and Fiscal Responses to a World Liquidity TrapCook, David; Devereux, Michael B.
Jul-2013 香港科大藏西人所繪古中國地圖的數字化 = The Digitization of Ancient China Maps Drawn by the West in HKUST王小雷; 曾柳歡
25-Jun-2013 Low voltage liquid crystal lens with variable focal lengthValyukh, S.; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
19-Jun-2013 针对RFID标签的可读区域决定RFID天线放置的方法与系统Cheung, Shing-Chi (張成志); Ni, Lionel M. (倪明选)
19-Jun-2013 具有排列整齐的碳纳米管阵列的散热结构及其制造和应用Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai (袁銘輝); Zhang, Kai(张凯)
29-May-2013 从图像生成三维模型Quan, Long(权龙); Xiao, Jianxiong(肖健雄); Fang, Tian(方天); Zhao, Peng(赵鹏)
29-May-2013 适用于有机发光二极管显示器的多晶硅薄膜象素电极Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); Wong, Man (王文); Meng, Zhiguo (孟志國); Sun, Jiaxin (孫家鑫); Zhu, Xiuling (朱秀玲)
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