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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jul-1993 Computing the periodicity of finite Markov chainsJarvis, James P.; Shier, Douglas R.
Jul-1993 Determining the going market value of a business in an emerging information technology industry : the case of the cellular communications industryKim, Namwoon; Mahajan, Vijay; Srivastava, Rajendra K.
Jun-1993 High quality video-on-demand services using Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line technology on Hong Kong telephone networkLiou, Ming L.; Au, Oscar C.; Cheung, Kwan-Fai; Ko, Tsz-mei; Murch, Ross David; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Yau, Sze Fong; Zeng, Bing
Jun-1993 An algorithm for approximating the performance of telecommunication systemsJarvis, James P.; Shier, Douglas R.
Apr-1993 Learning in neural models with complex dynamicsStiber, Michael; Segundo, Jose P.
Mar-1993 Arnol'd map synthesis for periodically forced oscillatorsStiber, Michael; Karplus, W. J.
Feb-1993 Victoria Harbour contaminated sediment study report (preliminary study)Hong, Huasheng
1993 Conversion of Chinese phonetic symbols to charactersChung, Kim-hang
1993 LACE, a specification language for consistent access to heterogeneous database environmentsTang, Wai-shing
1993 A software architecture for multimedia object communication and synchronizationFung, Chi-leung
1993 Navigation in indoor environmentsFung, Wai-wa
1993 From action to next and then to always (semantical analysis)Wong, Chung Kei
1993 Passive navigation by cooperative fusion of stereo and motionHo, Anthony Yuk-kwan
1993 On value distributions of fl(f(k))nTze, C. K
1993 Investigations on some properties of quasi-analytic classesChang, Chun Rui
1993 Sigma-delta modulation neural networksTang, Patrick Y. H
1993 Genetic algorithm approach to motion estimation for video compressionChow, Keith Hung-kei
1993 A surface chemistry based circuit model for an integrated MOS gas sensorLi, Roy C. C
1993 A new method in diffraction tomography for medical image reconstructionChan, Terence K. K
1993 Vibrational characteristics of metalloporphyrinsAu, Stanley Y. Y
1993 Vibrational structures of metallo- and free-base octaethyltetraazaporphyrins, metallo-porphycenes, metallo-etioporphyrin-I from Resonance Raman, Fourier Transform Raman, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopies, and normal coordinate analysisMak, Ronald S. W
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