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Date of IssueTitle Authors
21-Jan-2011 Generation of narrow-band hyperentangled nondegenerate paired photonsYan, Hui; Zhang, Shanchao; Chen, Jiefei; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
25-Jan-2011 Separation of fullerene C60 and C70 using crystallizationNg, Ka Ming
Feb-2011 Preliminary study on the bond properties of the PDCC/concrete repair systemZhu, Honggang; Leung, Christopher K. Y.; Cao, Qian
Feb-2011 Visualization, characterization and modulation of Ca2+ signaling during the development of slow muscle cells in intact zebrafish embryosCheung, Chris Y.; Webb, Sarah E.; Love, Donald R.; Miller, Andrew L.
8-Feb-2011 Overvoltage protection materials and process for preparing sameChan, Chi-Ming; Ng, Kai-Mo; Wong, Catherine Yuen-Chien; Cheung, Ying Kit
14-Feb-2011 Magnetic torque evidence for the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in the layered organic superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2Bergk, Beate; Demuer, Albin; Sheikin, Llya; Wang, Yuxing; Wosnitza, jochen; Nakazawa, Yasuhiro; LORTZ, Rolf W
22-Feb-2011 Solid-state synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticlesNg, Ka Ming; Lu, Jun; Yang, Shihe
Mar-2011 Cortical neural response to visual navigation through a virtual environmentWang, Zifan; So, Richard H. Y.; Chan, Chehin; Wilkins, Arnold
Mar-2011 Could OKAN be an objective indicator of the susceptibility to visually induced motion sickness?Guo, Cuiting; Ji Jennifer; So, Richard H. Y.
Mar-2011 Efficient slicing procedure based on adaptive layer depth normal imageZeng, Long; Lai, Lip Man-Lip; Qi, Di; Lai, Yuen-Hoo; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
1-Mar-2011 Ultra low voltage CMOS image sensor architectureXu, Chen; Chan, Mansun; Ki, Wing-Hung
1-Mar-2011 Non-blocking destination-based routing networksChu, Jian; Lea, Chin-Tau
15-Mar-2011 Content adaptive De-interlacing algorithmAu, Oscar C.; Chong, Tak Song
22-Mar-2011 Library support for learning : a perspective from HKUST for CARL study tourChan, Diana L. H.
22-Mar-2011 Students’ learning at the IC : study findingsWong, Gabrielle K. W.
22-Mar-2011 Developments in HKUST Library facilitiesSpodick, Edward F.
22-Mar-2011 Research support provided by HKUST Library and other JULAC libraries in HKYip, Stephen K. F.
Apr-2011 Effects of flexibility on the aerodynamic performance of flapping wingsKang, C.-K.; Aono, H.; Cesnik, C. E. S.; Shyy, Wei
Apr-2011 Comparative in vitro osteoinductivity study of CaP ceramics (HA,α-TCP, β-TCP) using 10T1/2 cells with different controls and possible correlations with other systemsLee, Juliana Tsz Yan; Wang, Kefeng; Tsang, Wai Hung; Chow, King Lau
8-Apr-2011 Would global patent protection be too weak without international coordination?Lai, Edwin L. -C.; Yan, Isabel K. -M.
12-Apr-2011 Methods for preparing nanotextured surfaces and applications thereofYeung, King-Lun; Yao, Nan; Dong, Ou
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