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Date of IssueTitle Authors
21-Nov-2011 Superconductivity in 4-Angstrom carbon nanotubes - a short reviewSheng, Ping; Wang, Zhe; Shi, Wu; LORTZ, Rolf W
24-Nov-2011 Alkaloids and sesquiterpenes from the South China Sea gorgonian Echinogorgia pseudossapoGao, CH; Wang, YF; Li, S; Qian, Pei-Yuan; Qi, Shuhua
Dec-2011 A theory of government procrastinationFurusawa, Taiji; Lai, Edwin L. -C.
1-Dec-2011 Optical storage with electromagnetically induced transparency in a dense cold atomic ensembleZhang, Shanchao; Zhou, Shuyu; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
2-Dec-2011 Structural insights into the Cdt1-mediated MCM2–7 chromatin loadingLiu, Changdong; Wu, Rentian; Zhou, Bo; Wang, Jiafeng; Wei, Zhun; Tye, Bik; Liang, Chun; Zhu, Guang
13-Dec-2011 Integrated HEMT and lateral field-effect rectifier combinations, methods, and systemsChen, Jing; Chen, Wanjun; Zhou, Chunhua
21-Dec-2011 Bacterial niche-specific genome expansion is coupled with highly frequent gene disruptions in deep-sea sedimentsWang, Y; Yang, JK; Lee, On On; Li, TG; Al-Suwailem, A; Danchin, A; Qian, Pei-Yuan
2012 Site-survey-free wireless localization using mobile phonesWu, Chenshu; Yang, Zheng; Liu, Yunhao; Xi, Wei
2012 Production of high-value added products using supercritical fluid technologiesLin, Candy Sze Man
2012 Synthesis, structure, and properties of TLCP/MWNT compositesRen, Changyou
2012 Internal erosion and overtopping erosion of earth dams and landslide damsChang, Dongsheng
2012 Privacy preserving graph data publicationYuan, Mingxuan
2012 Extending the Web services architecture (WSA) for video streamingLam, Gibson
2012 Ranking oriented approach to context aware recommendationLiu, Nan
2012 Secondary inorganic soluble aerosol in Hong Kong : continuous measurement, formation mechanism discussion and improvement of an observation-based model to study control strategiesXue, Jian
2012 Supply chain contracting and salesforce compensation under asymmetric informationYang, Ruina
2012 Essays on container terminal operations management and competitionYu, Mingzhu
2012 Price and service competition with consumer behaviorZheng, Song
2012 Development of nano-structured electrode materials for high performance energy storage systemHuang, Zhendong
2012 Evolutions of modulated surface gravity water waves in currentsLaw, Owen Yi Kei
2012 An absolute 3D measurement method using a 2D pattern based on digital moiréLiao, Jiarui
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