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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2013 The persistence and genetic relatedness of escherichia coli strains in intertidal mudflatYeung, Tai Cheong
2013 In vitro toxicity testing of incense VOCs using A549 lung epithelial cellsHung, Ka Man
2013 The characterization of two TRAPP subunits, Tca17p and Trs20pAu, Siu Chung
2013 Partial Imitation Hinders Emergence of Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Direct ReciprocityAntony, Mathis A.; Wu, Degang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2013 Regulation of mitotic spindles by CDK5RAP2 and Hsc70Xiong, Jing
2013 Harvesting scholarly publications of humanities and social science researchersLam, Ki-Tat
2013 If you build it, they will come : an intra-institutional user engagement process in the Learning CommonsChan, Diana L. H.; Wong, Gabrielle K. W.
25-Dec-2012 Method and apparatus for tuning frequency of LC-oscillators based on phase-tuning techniqueLuong, Howard Cam; Rong, Sujiang
25-Dec-2012 Metal-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon in thin film transistorsKwok, Hoi-Sing; Wong, Man; Meng, Zhiguo; Zhao, Shuyun; Wu, Chunya
25-Dec-2012 Method for creating intracellular artificial nanostructures in situXu, Bing; Yang, Zhimou; Xu, Keming
18-Dec-2012 Apparatus and method of optical imaging for medical diagnosisQu, Jianan; Wu, Tao
11-Dec-2012 Methods for embedding data in digital audio dataTam, Kar Yan; Tsang, Kai Fung; Kwok, Sai Ho; Cheung, Shing-Chi
5-Dec-2012 发光的金(Ⅲ)化合物、其制备和含有它们的发光装置Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); 黃文忠; 任咏华; Zhu, Xiuling (朱秀玲)
5-Dec-2012 香港高校图书馆「学习共享空间」的发展现状Chan, Diana L. H. (陳麗霞); Wong, Gabrielle K. W. (黄家慧)
Dec-2012 From Finite-State to Inversion Transductions: Toward Unsupervised Bilingual Grammar InductionSaers, Markus; Addanki, Karteek; Wu, Dekai
21-Nov-2012 一种预防和治疗阿尔茨海默氏症的药物及其制备方法Tsim, Karl Wah-Keung (詹華强); Dong, Tingxia (董婷霞)
20-Nov-2012 “共享空间”在香港科技大学图书馆的发展Wong, Gabrielle K. W. (黄家慧)
14-Nov-2012 具有搭桥晶粒结构的多晶硅薄膜晶体管Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); Wong, Man (王文); Meng, Zhiguo (孟志國); Zhao, Shuyun (趙淑云)
4-Nov-2012 Some thoughts for tomorrow’s academic librariesChan, Diana L. H.
10-Oct-2012 湿度和渗透吸力控制的非饱和土综合试验仪Ng, Charles W. W. (吳宏偉Ÿ)
8-Oct-2012 Developing dynamic capabilities in the technological library environmentChan, Diana L. H.
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