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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1994 Modality in computer science textNg, Irene Wai-Yee; Lam, Pansy Mi-ying
1994 Tagging the interlanguage of Chinese learners of EnglishMilton, John C. P.; Chowdhury, Nandini
1994 Collocational problems amongst ESL learners : a corpus-based studyChi, Amy Man-Lai; Wong, Kitty Pui-yiu; Wong, Mabel Chau-ping
1994 An investigation of students' knowledge of academic and subtechnical vocabularyLi, Edward Siu-Leung; Pemberton, Richard
1994 The fuming image : cartoons and public opinion in late Republican China, 1945 to 1949Hung, Chang-Tai
1994 On the value distribution of fl(f(k))nTse, C. K.; Yang, Chung-Chun
1994 A uniqueness theorem for meromorphic functions whose N-th derivatives share the same 1-pointsYi, Hong Xun; Yang, Chung-Chun
1994 Theories of East Asian intellectual and behavioral superiority and the "clash of civilizations"Sautman, Barry
1994 Silicon magnetic sensorsLau, Jack
1994 Constructive neural networks : some practical considerationsKwok, Tin-Yau; Yeung, Dit-Yan
1994 Fuzzy logic based ATM policingCheung, Kwan-Fai; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Cheng, Chak C.; Liu, Chiu W.
1994 Bandwidth allocation of multiple QOS classes with maximum delay constraints in ATM environmentChan, Jimmy H. S.; Tsang, Danny H. K.
1994 Improved fast block matching algorithm in feature domainFok, Yiu-hung; Au, Oscar C.
1994 Integration of the finite-difference-time-domain and mode-propagation-by-fourier-expansion methods for guided-wave device simulationHuang, Ho-Chi; Lo, T. C.; Lam, Lawrence K. C.
1994 Extracellular expression of porcine growth hormone releasing factor by Escherichia coliTam, Po Ming
1994 Excretory production of a Cellulomonas fimi exoglucanase by Escherichia coliLam, Tin Long
1994 Isolated microspore culture system for Brassica parachinensisMak, Siu-chun
1994 Dextran conjugates of blood proteinsTsai, Sheung-pun
1994 Expression of human tissue plasminogen activator using the Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus systemTang, Rocky P. N
1994 Dynamic changes of cytoskeletal proteins in primary astrocyte cultures post scratch injuryLeung, Doreen Siu Yi
1994 Comparison of age determination methods of tropical marine fish in fitting growth modelKan, Catherine Oi Lin
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