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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jul-1993 Computing the periodicity of finite Markov chainsJarvis, James P.; Shier, Douglas R.
Aug-1993 Biological computation: neurons, networks, and nonlinear dynamicsStiber, Michael; Segundo, Jose P.; Nomura, Taishin; Sato, Shunsuke; Doi, Shinji; Vibert, Jean-Francois; Pakdaman, Khashayar
Aug-1993 Aligning parallel english-chinese : texts statistically with lexical criteriaWu, Dekai
Sep-1993 A framework for the design for testability of communication protocolsVuong, S. T.; Loureiro, A. A. F.; Chanson, Samuel T.
Oct-1993 Complex, complex enough, too complex? : a comparison of dynamical neural modelsStiber, Michael; Segundo, Jose P.; Altshuler, Eric; Jurisic, Nikola
Oct-1993 An approach to evaluating the performance of communications protocols based on formal specificationsZhang, Sijian; Chanson, Samuel T.
Nov-1993 Theoretical analysis of constructive neural networksKwok, Tin-Yau; Yeung, Dit-Yan
Dec-1993 Developing a dynamic mechanism for conceptual clustering in an object database systemLi, Qing; Yuen, Man Sheung
Dec-1993 Aggregate diffusion forecasting models in marketing : a critical reviewParker, Philip M.
Dec-1993 A Reference price model with probabilistic thresholdsHan, Sangman; Gupta, Sunil; Lehmann, Donald R.
1994 The management of interdependent asynchronous transactions in heterogeneous database environmentsDo, Lyman; Drew, Pamela
1994 A corrigendum for the optimized-IPIAKean, Alex; Tsiknis, George
1994 Countermeasures and tradeoffs for a class of covert timing channelsGray, James W. III
1994 Widest empty corridor with multiple links and right-angle turnsCheng, Siu-Wing
1994 Constrained independence system and triangulations of planar point setsCheng, Siu-Wing; Xu, Yin-Feng
1994 Visual language for behavioral specifications of reactive systemsChau, Lewis H.; Chan, Gary K.
1994 Intercausal independence and heterogeneous actorizationZhang, Nevin Lianwen; Poole, David
1994 A simple approach to Bayesian network computationsZhang, Nevin Lianwen; Poole, David
1994 Grocery shopping behaviour in the presence of a power retailerKrider, Robert E.; Weinberg, Charles B.
1994 A corpus-based study of features of adjectival suffixation in EnglishOr, Winnie Wing-fung
1994 Modality in computer science textNg, Irene Wai-Yee; Lam, Pansy Mi-ying
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