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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jun-2012 If you build it, they will come : an intra-institutional user engagement process in the Learning Commons 以「用者参与」的概念推广综合研习坊Chan, Diana L. H. (陳麗霞); Wong, Gabrielle K. W. (黄家慧)
Jun-2012 Facilitating and promoting innovative entrepreneurship in Hong Kong: theory and practiceSharif, Naubahar
Jun-2012 Chasing ghosts: rumours and representations of the export of Chinese convict labour to developing countriesYan, Hairong; Sautman, Barry
11-Jun-2012 Optimizing hierarchical equations of motion for quantum dissipation and quantifying quantum bath effects on quantum transfer mechanismsDing, Jinjin; Xu, Ruixue; Yan, Yijing
13-Jun-2012 非晶硅金属诱导晶化方法Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); Wong, Man (王文); Meng, Zhiguo (孟志國); 趙淑云; 吳春亚
13-Jun-2012 What makes efficient circularly polarised luminescence in the condensed phase: aggregation-induced circular dichroism and light emissionLiu, Jianzhao; Su, Huimin; Meng, Luming; Zhao, Yihua; Deng, Chunmei; Ng, Jason C. Y.; Lu, Ping; Faisal, Mahtab; Lam, Jacky W. Y.; Huang, Xuhui; Wu, Hongkai; Wong, Kam-Sing; Tang, Ben-Zhong
14-Jun-2012 Inelastic electron transport through mesoscopic systems: heating versus cooling and sequential tunneling versus cotunneling processesJiang, Feng; Jin, Jinshuang; Wang, Shikuan; Yan, Yijing
21-Jun-2012 Evaluation of nonlocal and local planetary boundary layer schemes in the WRF modelXie, Bo; Fung, Jimmy Chi-Hung; Chan, Allen; Lau, Alexis Kai-Hon
27-Jun-2012 一種抗疲勞運動飲料及其製備方法Tsim, Karl Wah-Keung (詹華強); Dong, Tingxia (董婷霞)
Jul-2012 Speculative Bubbles and Financial CrisesWang, Pengfei; Wen, Yi
4-Jul-2012 一种用于仿真的机械系统及其自动化控制系统Cheung, Shing-Chi (張成志); 羅國梁
4-Jul-2012 采用涂有紫外线辐射反应材料的结构进行印刷的方法Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai (袁銘輝); Chan, Edward King-Long (陳景朗); Yang, Cheng (楊誠)
10-Jul-2012 Frequency compensation based on dual signal paths for voltage-mode switching regulatorsWu, Ying; Tsui, Sam Y. S.; Mok, Philip
17-Jul-2012 Titania-silica aerogel monolith with ordered mesoporosity and preparation thereofYeung, King-Lun; Yao, Nan; Cao, Shengli
17-Jul-2012 Thin-Film transistors with metal source and drain and methods of fabricationKwok, Hoi-Sing; Wong, Man; Zhang, Dongli
31-Jul-2012 Percolation efficiency of the conductivity of electrically conductive adhesivesYuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Xu, Bing; Yang, Cheng
8-Aug-2012 集成的HEMT和横向场效应整流器组合、方法及系统Chen, Jing (陈敬); Chen, Wanjun (陈万军); Zhou, Chunhua (周春华)
8-Aug-2012 通过炔烃的无金属催化环三聚反应合成酰基芳烃和超支化聚酰基芳烃Tang, Ben-Zhong (唐本忠); Lam, Wing Yip (林荣业); Qin, Anjun (秦安军); Haeussler, Matthias; Jim, Ka Wai (詹嘉慧)
14-Aug-2012 Constructing planar and three-dimensional microstructures with PDMS-based conducting compositeSheng, Ping; Wen, Wei-Jia; Niu, Xize; Liu, Liyu
14-Aug-2012 Low temperature ammonia remediation catalystsYeung, King-Lun; Ho, Ka Yee; Lui, Pik Ying; Banares, Miguel Angel.
29-Aug-2012 有源矩陣顯示基板制備方法Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); Wong, Man (王文); Meng, Zhiguo (孟志國); Zhang, Dongli (張冬利); Sun, Jiaxin (孫家鑫); Zhu, Xiuling (朱秀玲)
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