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Date of IssueTitle Authors
5-Oct-2011 具有規則中孔結構的氧化鈦 : 氧化硅氣凝膠獨石材料及其制備方法Yeung, King-Lun (楊經倫); Yao, Nan (姚楠); Cao, Shengli (曹勝利)
Oct-2011 Stability of an efficient Navier-Stokes solver with Navier boundary conditionLiao, jie; Wang, Xiao-Ping
30-Sep-2011 Glomerular latency coding in artificial olfactionJaber Al Yamani; Farid Boussaid; Bermak, Amine; Martinez, Dominique
27-Sep-2011 Analysis of wetting and contact angle hysteresis on chemically patterned surfacesXu, Xianmin; Wang, Xiao-Ping
7-Sep-2011 Characterization of high-κ LaLuO3 thin film grown on AlGaN/GaN heterostructure by molecular beam depositionYang, Shu; Huang, Sen; Chen, Hongwei; Schnee, Michael; Zhao, Qing-Tai; Schubert, Jurgen; Chen, Kevin J.
6-Sep-2011 Method and apparatus for generating giant spin-dependent chemical potential difference in non-magnetic materialsWang, Xiang-Rong
6-Sep-2011 Transflective liquid crystal device and method of manufacturing the sameKwok, Hoi-Sing; Wong, Man; Meng, Zhiguo
3-Sep-2011 Differential expression of proteins and phosphoproteins during larval metamorphosis of the polychaete Capitella sp. IChandramouli, KH; Soo, L.; Qian, Pei-Yuan
Sep-2011 Marriage and land property: bilateral non-lineal kinship and communal authority of the Lahu on the south-west Yunnan frontier, ChinaMa, Jianxiong
31-Aug-2011 Patterning cell using Si-stencil for high-throughput assayWu, Jinbo; Zhang, Mengying; Chen, Long-Qing; Yu, Vivian; Wong, Joseph T. Y.; Zhang, Xixiang; Qin, Jianhua; Wen, Weijia
29-Aug-2011 Acute toxicity of the antifouling compound butenolide in non-target organismsZhang, YF; Xiao, Kang; Chandramouli, KH; Xu, Ying; Pan, Ke; Wang, WX; Qian, Pei-Yuan
22-Aug-2011 Cdt1p, through its interaction with Mcm6p, is required for the formation, nuclear accumulation and chromatin loading of the MCM complexWu, Rentian; Wang, Jiafeng; Liang, Chun
21-Aug-2011 ON-state critical gate overdrive voltage for fluorine-implanted enhancement-mode AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistorsMa, Chenyue; Chen, Hongwei; Zhou, Chunhua; Huang, Sen; Yuan, Li; Roberts, John; Chen, Kevin. J.
18-Aug-2011 Unveiling the critical process in which organic molecules control the polymorphism of magnesium-containing calcium carbonate: the early nucleation of amorphous precursors or the subsequent amorphous to crystalline transformations?Xiao, Junwu; Yang, Shihe
18-Aug-2011 Optical manipulation of microparticles using whispering-gallery modes in a silicon nitride microdisk resonatorCai, Hong; Poon, Andrew Wing On
16-Aug-2011 Method and system for determining the placement of RFID antennas to obtain a readable region for RFID tagsCheung, Shing-Chi; Ni, Lionel M.
10-Aug-2011 Sequential crystallization of sea urchin-like bimetallic (Ni, Co) carbonate hydroxide and its morphology conserved conversion to porous NiCo2O4 spinel for pseudocapacitorsXiao, Junwu; Yang, Shihe
8-Aug-2011 Enhanced electroluminescence from the fluorine-plasma implanted Ni/Au-AlGaN/GaN Schottky diodeLi, Baikui; Wang, Maojun; Chen, Kevin J.; Wang, Jiannong
5-Aug-2011 A detection method for identification of the quality of edible bird's nest=一種鑑定燕窩品質的檢測方法Tsim, Karl Wah-Keung (詹華強); Dong, Tingxia (董婷霞); Chan, Gallant Kar Lun (陳嘉倫)
1-Aug-2011 Glass transitions in quasi-two-dimensional suspensions of colloidal ellipsoidsZheng, Zhongyu; Wang, Feng; Han, Yilong
Aug-2011 A cross gender and cross lingual study on acoustic features for stress recognition in speechZuo, Xin; Fung, Pascale N.
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