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Date of IssueTitle Authors
15-Jul-2011 Axonal filopodial asymmetry induced by synaptic targetLi, Pan; Chen, Gheng; Lee, Chi Wai; Madhavan, Raghavan; Peng, H. Benjamin
12-Jul-2011 Method and apparatus for determining flare on foot and shoe-lastGoonetilleke, Ravindra S.; Witana, Channa P.
5-Jul-2011 Monolithic integration of enhancement- and depletion-mode AlGaN/GaN HFETsChen, Jing; Cai, Yong; Lau, Kei May
Jul-2011 Would global patent protection be too weak without international coordination?Lai, Edwin L. -C.; Yan, Isabel K. M.
28-Jun-2011 Efficient rate allocation for multi-resolution coding dataAu, Oscar C.; Yeung, Yick Ming
16-Jun-2011 Optical precursor of a single photonZhang, Shanchao; Chen, Jiefei; Liu, Chang; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
15-Jun-2011 Phonon deformation potentials of hexagonal GaN studied by biaxial stress modulationLu, Junyong; Deng, Dongmei; Wang, Yong; Chen, Kevin J.; Lau, Kei May; Zhang, Tong-Yi
14-Jun-2011 Frequency divider using an injection-locking-range enhancement techniqueLuong, Howard Cam; Rong, Sujiang
14-Jun-2011 Peer-to-peer collaborative streaming among moble terminalsChan, Sheung-Han Gary; Leung, Man-Fung; Au, Oscar C.
13-Jun-2011 High performance supercapacitors based on highly conductive nitrogen-doped graphene sheetsQiu, Yongcai; Zhang, Xinfeng; Yang, Shihe
9-Jun-2011 HKUST Library : recent library directionsSpodick, Edward F.
Jun-2011 Group Size and Incentives to Contribute: A Natural Experiment at Chinese WikipediaZhang, Xiaoquan (Michael); Zhu, Feng
25-May-2011 Phosphoproteome analysis during larval development and metamorphosis in the spionid polychaete Pseudopolydora vexillosaChandramouli, KH; Mok, Flora; Qian, Pei-Yuan
25-May-2011 Three-dimensional optical analyses and optimizations of a vertical alignment color-filters-embedded liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplayZhang, Baolong; Li, Dan; Dai, Fengzhi; Yang, Shifeng; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
23-May-2011 Pumping-induced perturbation of flow in microfluidic channels and its implications for on-chip cell cultureZhou, Jianhua; Ren, Kangning; Dai, Wen; Zhao, Yihua; Ryan, Declan; Wu, Hongkai
18-May-2011 非晶硅的金属诱导結晶和金属吸除技术Kwok, Hoi-Sing (郭海成); Wong, Man (王文); Meng, Zhiguo (孟志國); Zhang, Dongli (張冬利); Shi, Xuejie (施雪捷)
17-May-2011 香港高校圖書館的館際合作與發展Soong, Samson C. (宋自珍)
12-May-2011 HKUST's new library extension and Learning CommonsSpodick, Edward F.
10-May-2011 ZnO hierarchical structures for efficient quasi-solid dye-sensitized solar cellsCheng, Chun; Shi, Y.T.; Zhu, C.; Li, Wei; Wang, Lin; Fung, Kwok Kwong; Wang, Ning
10-May-2011 Single transistor-control low-dropout regulatorChan, Mansun; Man, Tsz Yin; Leung, Chi Yat; Leung, Ka Nang; Mok, Philip
10-May-2011 Fluorescent water-soluble conjugated polyene compounds that exhibit aggregation induced emission and methods of making and using sameTang, Ben-Zhong; Hong, Yuning; Haeussler, Matthias; Tong, Hui; Dong, Yongqiang; Li, Zhen; Xing, Changmin
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