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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Classic and new data structure problems in external memoryWei, Zhewei
2012 Defining the role of ncbp-1 and ncbp-2 to regulate sensory ray identity in C. elegansWong, Julie Hiu Tung
2012 The rain-making sacrifice of the Zhou DynastyTse, Chui Yiu
2012 Transport properties of pseudo ductile cementitious compositesZhao, Zhiyuan
2012 DEM simulations of energy dissipation in sand and dynamic propertiesTong, Liwei
2012 Three-dimensional centrifuge and numerical modelling the effects of construction sequences on perpendicularly crossing tunnelsLim, Suegin
2012 Fabrication and ultrasonic properties of three-dimensional solid-in-solid phononic crystalsSun, Ke
2012 Dynamics of acoustically actuated droplet breakup and manipulation in a flow-focusing microfluidic deviceCheung, Yin Nee
2012 The ecological significance of mesozooplankton feeding in marine planktonic food webChen, Mianrun
2012 The study of granular two-band superconducting filmsYan, Bojun
2012 Novel bacteria from the Red SeaLai, Pok Yui
2012 Characterization of the novel protein transmembrane and coiled-coil domain family 1 (TMCC1)Zhang, Chao
2012 Reaching out for the lala identity : a case study of a lesbian magazine and community making in Beijing, ChinaFan, Jing
2012 The rise and fall of communal religious rituals in post-Mao China : a case study of an ethnic Luo community in YunnanYu, Ming
2012 Membrane-type acoustic metamaterialsMa, Guancong
2012 Fo shou san, an ancient paired-herb decoction : development of quality control parameters and evaluation of biological functionsBi, Wenchuan
2012 A molecular study of larval metamorphosis in the marine bryozoan bugula neritinaWong, Yue Him
2012 Schisandrin B elicits a glutathione antioxidant response and the associated hepatoprotection via the redox-sensitive signaling pathwayLeong, Pou Kuan
2012 Identification of receptors for sex pheromone perception in AWA neurons of caenorhabditis elegansZhou, Yuan
2012 Development of an efficient system for measurement of rebar surface geometryYang, Dong
2012 Development of novel, high performance LiFePOâ‚„ cathode materials for Li-ion batteriesOh, Seiwoon
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