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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Numerical methods for the moving contact line problem with applicationsGao, Min
2012 Leading weight vectors in generalized verma modulesXiao, Wei
2012 A study of ultrafine particle exposure in indoor environmentsWu, Chi Li
2012 Liquid-gas flows in one-component fluids on solid substrates : modeling and simulationsXu, Xinpeng
2012 Constructing enhanced file system and memory abstractions on public cloudSheng, Zhonghua
2012 Additive synchronous stream ciphersSi, Wenpei
2012 Accelerating genomic sequence compression with graphics processorsTan, Yuwei
2012 Optical property investigations of three-dimensional nanophotonic structuresYu, Miao
2012 Link faults analysis and fault tolerant techniques on network-on-chip systemTeh, Ying Fei
2012 北宋院畫的詩、畫關係硏究Tang, Lok Yan (鄧樂欣)
2012 Identification and characterization of various populations of the [gamma]-tubulin ring complexShen, Yuehong
2012 Marginal models with random weighting methodZhou, Chaoxu
2012 Wire sweep study of package array mold during transfer molding processHan, Jiale
2012 Design and fabrication of a flexible active RFID tag with sensorHuang, Jingyuan
2012 Poly (2-(acetoacetoxy) ethyl methacrylate) : environmentally friendly synthesis, fluorescent properties and optical sensing for ammoniaHe, Jing
2012 Coordinative and cooperative multi-antenna interference management techniques for wireless communication systemsChiu, Eddy
2012 Membrane lytic peptide-based molecular therapeutic for targeted anticancer treatmentZhong, Jieying
2012 Biochemical and structural characterization of usher syndrome I protein complexesWu, Lin
2012 Proteins and pathways involved in larval attachment and metamorphosis of the three major marine biofouling invertebratesZhang, Yu
2012 Sorting of ER-Golgi SNAREs by the COPII coat in saccharomyces cerevisiaeChu, Hong
2012 Biodynamic understanding of mercury bioaccumulation in freshwater tilapia (orechromis niloticus)Wang, Rui
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