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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2007 Romantic comedies of Cathay-MP&GI in the 1950s and 60s : language, locality, and urban characterNg, Kenny K. K.
24-Aug-1999 Rotary motor driven by a piezoelectric composite laminateLee, Ricky Shi-Wei; Li, Hing Leung
23-Aug-2006 Round table discussion of session C : convection in planets and brown dwarfsChan, Kwing Lam
2010 Router-assisted congestion control for wired and wireless high-speed networksPu, Jian
Jun-2001 Routines and innovation in engineering consultancy servicesBaark, Erik
2004 Routing and channel assignment in optical and wireless networksHe, Jingyi
2005 Routing and time-slot assignment algorithms and connection management in photonic circuit switched networksYuen, Siu Yu
2002 Routing and time-slot assignment in photonic circuit switching networksYu, Wing Wa
2001 Routing and wavelength assignment for WDM multicast networksHe, Jingyi; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary; Tsang, Danny H. K.
1999 Routing and wavelength assignment in all-optical networks with multicast trafficSun, Yong; Gu, Jun; Tsang, Danny H. K.
1998 Routing and wavelength assignment in all-optical network with multicast trafficSun, Yong
Jun-2005 RPJ: producing fast join results on streams through rate-based optimizationTao, Yufei; Yiu, Man Lung; Papadias, Dimitris; Hadjieleftheriou, Marios; Mamoulis, Nikos
2012 A rule-based approach to indoor localization based on WiFi signal strengthsChen, Qiuxia
1996 Rule discovery : error measures and conditional rule probabilityJim, Kenny Siu Kei
Nov-2006 Rumor riding : anonymizing unstructured peer-to-peer systemsHan, Jinsong; Liu, Yunhao
Aug-2009 Rumor riding : anonymizing unstructured peer-to-peer systemsLiu, Yunhao; Han, Jinsong; Wang, Jilong
Sep-2009 Run to potential : sweep coverage in wireless sensor networksXi, Min; Wu, Kui; Qi, Yong; Zhao, Jizhong; Liu, Yunhao; Li, Mo
2000 Ruthenium and osmium complexes with sulfur- and selenium-donor ligandsLau, Kwok-Kin
2008 Ruthenium-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition, and cyclometallation of 2-vinylpyridine with MCl{208}(PPh{209}){209} and MHCl(PPh{209}){209} (M=Ru, Os)Zhang, Li
2011 Ruthenium complexes containing terminal and bridging nitrido ligandsNg, Ho Yuen
1997 Ruthenium complexes of bis(diphenylthiophosphosphoryl)amideZheng, Hegen; Chim, Joyce L. C.; Chan, Joe; Wong, Wing-Tak; Leung, Wa-Hung
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