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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2002 The role of P2Y1̳ nucleotide receptor in agrin-induced AChR aggregation at the neuromuscular junctionsLing, Karen Kar Yun
2008 The role of perspective taking, self-awareness, and self-other similarity in the impact of donation appealsHung, Wai Ping
2009 Role of PICK1 in acrosome formation and male fertilityXiao, Nan
2004 The role of protein phosphatase signaling in the formation of the neuromuscular junctionZhao, Xiaotao
2004 The role of ram-2 in Caenorhabditis elegans developmentTam, Chung Nga
2002 The role of renegotiation on incentives and welfare in venture capitalMa, Xiaoyan
2005 The role of risk in making decisions under escalation situationsWong, Ellick Kin Fai
2001 Role of RPB4 and RPB7 in transcriptional activation by Ewing's Sarcoma oncogene (EWS)Zhou, Huiqing
2006 The role of social networks in employment processes in urban ChinaHuang, Xianbi
2006 The role of SO2 in the reduction of NO by CO on La2O2SLau, Ngai Ting; Fang, Ming; Chan, Chak-Keung
2010 The role of Utp7p in DNA replication initiation in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiaeCheng, Xue
May-1997 The role players and owners in doorWong, Raymond K.; Chau, H. Lewis; Lochovsky, Frederick H.
25-Apr-1996 The roles and views of multimedia objectsWong, Raymond K.; Chau, H. Lewis; Lochovsky, Frederick H.
1997 The roles of agrin and neuregulin in the formation of neuromuscular junctions : an in vitro neuron-muscle coculturePun, San
2003 The roles of bacteria in the production of paralytic shellfish toxins in two dinoflagellate culturesHo, Yam Tat
1999 Roles of Gi̳ subfamily in regulation of AC supersensitivity and phosphorylation of CREB and ERK1/2Tso, Ha
2010 Roles of oncostatin M and JAK/STAT pathway in myoblast differentiation, skeletal muscle regeneration, and skeletal muscle hypertrophyXiao, Fang
2008 The roles of protein tyrosine phosphatases in the development of the neuromuscular junctionQian, Yueping
2007 Roles of RING domain proteins, Ring1B and Ring13, in apoptosisWong, Chung Kai
2009 Roles of TSP1 and PICK1 in neuroligin-mediated synaptogenesisXu, Junyu
29-Aug-1997 Romancing resistance and resisting romance : ethnography and the construction of power in the Filipina domestic worker community in Hong KongGroves, Julian M.; Chang, Kimberly A.
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