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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Ranking and analysing the influential people in Sina weibo dataLiao, Qing
2012 Ranking oriented approach to context aware recommendationLiu, Nan
2005 Rapid inversion of the salmonella enterica shufflon : a new molecular mechanism for control of pathogenesisTam, Connie Kwai Ping
2000 Rapid quantification of the clinically important analytes in sub-μl simulating human seraQu, Jianan; Shao, Lan
2-Jan-2001 Rapid vapor generatorLiao, Qiang; Zhao, Tian-Shou; Cheng, Ping
2008 Rate adaptation and resource allocation for wireless networksXia, Qiuyan
Oct-1995 A rate-based switch algorithm with delay adjustment for ABR traffic to achieve max-min fairnessWong, Wales Kin Fai; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2012 Rate control algorithm for high efficiency video coding (HEVC)Sun, Lin
2003 Rate-controlled scheduling for networked multimedia applicationsZhang, Fan; Chanson, Samuel T.
2000 The Rayleigh Bénard problem and oscillation theory of complex differential equationsKwan, Yuen Yick
2002 Ray tracing of surfaces of revolution using cone and revolute quadric subdivisionLam, Gibson
Oct-2009 R-D performance upper bound of transform coding for 2-D directional sourcesZhu, Shuyuan; Au Yeung, Siu-Kei; Zeng, Bing
2000 RDS study of relaxation in mechanically aligned polymer thin filmsTsang, Oi-Chi
2009 Reachability indexes for relational keyword searchMarkowetz, Alexander; Yang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris
1998 Reaching a polygon with directional uncertaintyCheong, Otfried; Van Oostrum, Rene
2012 Reaching out for the lala identity : a case study of a lesbian magazine and community making in Beijing, ChinaFan, Jing
2010 Reaction mechanisms of magnesium potassium phosphate cement and its applicationQiao, Fei
2004 Reactions in gaseous metal-organic complexes induced by the photoexcitation of the metal chromaphoresLiu, Haichuan
1997 The reactions of niobium cluster cations Nbx+(x=2-16) with NOWu, Qifei; Yang, Shihe
1998 Reactions of niobium clusters and photodissociation of van der Waals complexes between NO and pDFBWu, Qifei
Mar-1997 Reading strategy training : the use of topic sentences and text organisationFoo, Pionie Kim-Ling
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