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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2003 Experiments and quantitative resistance analyses of as-deposited resistors on organic substratesCheng, Pak Lun
2004 Experiments on evolution of surface gravity waves from deep to shallow watersLaw, Owen Yi Kei
2004 Experiments on oscillating flows past a circular cylinder bounded by two parallel endplatesPeng, Xiaoxing
2004 Experiments on the elastic size dependence of LPCVD silicon nitrideRen, Yuxing
2001 An expertise location systemSun, Yuxiang
1999 An explicit result related to the abc-conjectureWong, Chi Ho
2009 An explicit risk-based approach for large-levee safety decisionsLiu, Yi
2003 Exploiting contextual independence in probabilistic inferencePoole, David; Zhang, Nevin Lianwen
2010 Exploiting node mobility for wireless sensor networksLuo, Ji
2012 Exploration of microfluidic technologies in cell studyDai, Wen
2008 Exploration of peptide-based hydrogelsMa, Manlung
2003 An exploration of the calcium signaling during somitogenesis in zebrafish (Danio rerio)Leung, Fung Ping
1998 An exploration of the mechanism of Ooplasmic segregation in zebrafish (Danio rerio)Leung, Fung Ping
2009 Exploration of the structure and function of ZU5 domainsWang, Rui
2007 Explorations in the application of nanotechnology to improve the mechanical properties of composite materialsYang, Cheng
2005 An exploratory study of using hydrogen peroxide as oxygen source in aerobic upflow sludge blanket reactorPoon, Wing Chi
2005 An exploratory study on developing a framework for adopting community-oriented approach in constructing 3D social-based sustainable development indicatorsCheng, Rosangela Fung Ping
2012 Exploratory study on initiation mechanism of flow landslide in loose soilOoi, Ghee Leng
2008 Explore the multivalency and self-assembly of small molecules for potential therapeutic applicationsLi, Lihua
2005 Exploring Chinese linguistic characteristics for speech recognitionNg, Kwong Tim
Mar-1997 Exploring culture and identity : teaching poetry in the ESL classroomChristopher, Elsie R.
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