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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1997 The use of random amplified polymorphic DNA markers in studying the genetic variations of abalones (Haliotis SPP.) in ChinaKei, Lik Wai
2007 Use of ValRS-IleRS interparalog distance for the analysis of the phylogenetic relationships between methanopyrus isolates from the atlantic, pacific and indian oceansYu, Zhiliang
Feb-1999 The use of visual mental imagery in new product designGorn, Gerald J.; Chattopadhyay, Amitava; Dahl, Darren W.
2008 The use of waste-derived paste as daily cover materials for enhancing geo-environmental performance of sanitary landfillsNg, Kelvin Tsun Wai
2008 Use of zeolite-based micro-porous materials in enhancing methane combustion performanceHui, Kwan San
2000 An user-based automatist content delivery and authoring framework for segment-based interactive systemsLau, Man Lung
1996 User interface design of interactive multimedia services (IMS) applications : an empirical evaluationChau, Patrick Y. K.; Au, Grace; Tam, Kar Yan
25-Jun-2008 Users’ perspectives of next generation library catalogsHo, Kevin K. M.; Kwok, Catherine S. Y.
18-Feb-2003 Uses of DL-THPXue, Hong; Law, Sek Lun
Nov-2013 Use strategic assessment to demonstrate impact: a case study at the HKUST Learning CommonsWong, Gabrielle K. W.
Mar-1997 Using a learning corpus for modal analysisLee, Joyce Yuen-Yee; Lam, Jacqueline Kam-Mei; Chan, Kenneth Kwan-Pang
2010 Using machine learning to produce expressive musical performanceLui, Siu-Hang
1999 Using modified clays as secondary containment for petroleum storage tanks for the prevention of soil and groundwater contaminationYang, Xiao Yun
2008 Using novel materials to enhance the efficiency of conductive polymerYang, Cheng; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Xu, Bing
2005 Using PDMS micro-transfer moulding for polymer flip chip packaging on MEMSChan, Edward K. L.; Wong, Cell K. Y.; Lee, M.; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Lee, Yi-Kuen
2009 Using semantic role labels to reorder statistical machine translation outputLo, Chi Kiu
2000 Using shear wave to characterize the in-situ state of hydraulic sand fillsYu, Cheuk-kuen
2010 Using supercritical CO₂-based nanomization technology to improve the water solubility and bioavailability of soy isoflavonesXu, Jinjie
21-Oct-2005 Using Web of Science as a research tool : experience at HKUST LibraryYip, Stephen K. F.
2001 Utilization of 3, 3', 4', 5-tetrachlorosalicylanilide to reduce sludge yield in activiated sludge culturesMo, Hau Kwok
1999 Utilization of volatile acids by Alcaligenes Eutrophus for production of biodegradable thermoplasticsYu, Jian; Ruan, Wenquan
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