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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1995 Scalability support for multiparty multimedia communications over ATM networksChan, Danny Lap-sun
2008 Scalable and efficient end-to-end network topology inferenceJin, Xing; Tu, Wanqing; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
Nov-2008 A scalable kernel-based semisupervised metric learning algorithm with out-of-sample generalization abilityYeung, Dit-Yan; Chang, Hong; Dai, Guang
2007 Scalable live streaming service based on interoverlay optimizationLiu, Yunhao; Liao, Xiaofei; Ni, Lionel M.; Jin, Hai
2013 Scalable maps of random dots for middle-scale locative mobile gamesChen, Lu
27-Oct-2011 A scalable microfluidic chip for bacterial suspension cultureGan, Mingzhe; Su, Jing; Wang, Jing; Wu, Hongkai; Chen, Liwei
2000 A scalable MPEG-2 encoding system using the multithread architectureYeung, Dick Kwong
2000 Scalable packet switch with differentiated services supportLeung, Ching-Hong
2010 Scalable real-time monitoring for distributed applicationsYuen, Chun-ho
2000 A scalable video-on-demand systemChoi, Chi Yin
2003 Scalable visual contents delivery over heterogeneous networksCai, Hua
2006 Scalable WIM : effective exploration in large-scale astrophysical environmentsLi, Yinggang; Fu, Chi-Wing; Hanson, Andrew J.
2003 Scalar expansion and normal longevity in Hong KongCheung, Karen Siu Lan
Sep-2008 A scaling approach to the derivation of hydrodynamic boundary conditionsQian, Tie-Zheng; Qiu, Chunyin; Sheng, Ping
Apr-2009 Scaling laws on multicast capacity of large scale wireless networksWang, Cheng; Li, Xiang-Yang; Jiang, Changjun; Tang, Shaojie; Liu, Yunhao; Zhao, Jizhong
2004 Scaling up support vector data description by using core-setsChu, Shun-Kwong
2007 Scaling up support vector machinesTsang, Wai-Hung
2007 Scanning tunneling microscopy study : from clean surface to surfaces adsorbed with atom/cluster or metallic islandZhang, Xieqiu
1998 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of antimony adsorption on Ag(111)Chan, Kam-Wai
2006 Scattering of regular surface waves by irregular bottom topography in the presence of beach reflectionDing, Lei
2000 Scene movement : an importance cause of cybersicknessSo, Richard H. Y.; Lo, W. T.; Ho, Andy T. K.
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