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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jun-2010 Multi-task warped Gaussian process for personalized age estimationZhang, Yu; Yeung, Dit-Yan
1995 Multitone transceiver for mobile radio applicationsYu, Yuk Mei
2011 Multi-touch user interface design for a city modeling applicationYin, Hengli
2000 Multiuser interference cancellation for coded CDMA communication systemsSo, Man Shui
2003 Multi-user MISO and MIMO transmit signal processing for wireless communicationChoi, Lai-U
Oct-1999 Multiuser OFDM with adaptive sub-carrier, bit, and power allocationWong, Cheong Yui; Cheng, Roger; Letaief, K. B.; Murch, Ross David
2007 Multivariate GARCH modeling with applications to financial marketsYip, Iris Wing Han
2001 A Multivariate Long Memory Stochastic Volatility model with applications to financial marketsKwok, Susanna Wing Yan
Feb-2002 A multivariate model of strategic asset allocationCampbell, John Y.; Chan, Yeung Lewis; Viceira, Luis M.
2001 Multivariate path dependent option pricing modelsWong, Hoi Ying
2012 Multivariate spatial autoregressive control schemes for automatic online image-based monitoring processNiu, Chao
2009 Multivariate statistical monitoring and fault diagnosis of dynamic batch processes with two-time-dimensional strategyYao, Yuan
2005 A multivariate threshold stochastic volatility modelChoi, Chiu Yee
2006 Multi-walled carbon nanotube reinforced ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene compositesRuan, Shilun
2005 Multiwavelength microwave photonic systems with n-th order linearizationChen, Han
2001 Multiway spatial joinsMamoulis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2003 Muscle induces neuronal expression of acetylcholinesterase in neuron-muscle co-culture : transcription regulation mediated by cAMP-dependent signalingJiang, Xiaosong
2007 Muscular activity regulates the expression of ColQ subunit of acetylcholinesterase : a signaling pathway mediated by Ca²⁺/ calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IILau, Faye
22-Nov-2008 Mutations on the Switch III region and the alpha3 helix of Galpha16 differentially affect receptor coupling and regulation of downstream effectorsYu, May Y. M.; Ho, Maurice Kwok Chung; Liu, Andrew M. F.; Wong, Yung-Hou
Aug-2008 Mutual anonymity for mobile P2P systemsHan, Jinsong; Liu, Yunhao
Apr-2005 A mutual anonymous peer-to-peer protocol designHan, Jinsong; Liu, Yunhao; Xiao, Li; Xiao, Renyi; Ni, Lionel M.
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