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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2003 Properties of small radius single-wall carbon nanotubes from first-principles calculationsLiu, Huijun
24-Apr-1997 Property rights in rural China : an empirical study of institutional choice in transitional economiesKung, James Kai-sing; Liu, Shouying
Jul-2003 Property Rights Protection and Bank Loan PricingBae, Kee-Hong; Goyal, Vidhan K.
2001 Proportional QoS provisioning in communication networksChen, Yang
2007 Prospective on the current status and future prospects of the Hong Kong logistics industryWong, Man Chung
Nov-2008 Prostacyclin receptor-induced STAT3 phosphorylation in human erythroleukemia cells is mediated via Gαs and Gα16 hybrid signalingLo, Rico K. H.; Liu, Andrew M. F.; Wise, Helen; Wong, Yung-Hou
2001 Protection of keys against modification attackFung, Wai W.; Golin, Mordecai J.
2000 Protection of keys against modification attackFung, Wai-Wa
2011 Protective effect of herba cistanches against oxidant injuryWong, Hoi Shan
2010 Protein based microparticles with preserved bioactivities for analytical applicationsLeung, Yi Ting
2012 Proteins and pathways involved in larval attachment and metamorphosis of the three major marine biofouling invertebratesZhang, Yu
20-May-2008 Protein sequences containing antigenized antibodies for foot-and-mouth diseaseXie, Yong
2008 Proton exchange membrane for hydrogen fuel cells : self-humidification and crystallizationZhang, Wenjing
Jun-2010 A prototypic microfluidic platform generating stepwise concentration gradients for real-time study of cell apoptosisDai, Wen; Zheng, Yizhe; Luo, Kathy Q.; Wu, Hongkai
Jul-2006 Provable dimension detection using principal component analysisCheng, Siu-Wing; Wang, Yajun; Wu, Zhuangzhi
Jun-2005 Provide privacy for mobile P2P systemsHan, Jinsong; Zhu, Yanmin; Liu, Yunhao; Cai, Jianfeng; Hu, Lei
2000 Providing cost-effective networked video services by means of data broadcasting and delay-aware schedulingYeung, Siu Hong
1999 Providing deterministic quality of service guarantees in a wireless environmentLee, Felix Ka Lung
1995 Providing information retrieval mechanisms inside a web database server for structured document managementAndres, Frederic; Boulos, Jihad; Lee, Dik Lun; Ono, Kinji
12-Dec-2006 Providing online access to the HKUST University Archives : EAD to INNOPACLam, Ki-Tat; Tsang, Sintra L. F.
2005 Provisioning virtual private networks in the hose model with delay requirementsZhang, Lei; Muppala, Jogesh K.; Chanson, Samuel T.
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