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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Provision of quality of service for virtual private networksPun, Kong Hong; Hamdi, Mounir
2001 Proxy-server architectures for OLAPKalnis, Panagiotis; Papadias, Dimitris
May-2004 PRS - six years after its introductionCue, Nelson
Sep-2005 Pruning hidden Markov models with optimal brain surgeonMak, Brian Kan-Wing; Chan, Kin-Wah
2003 Pruning of hidden Markov model with optimal brain surgeonChan, Kin Wah
19-Feb-2009 Pseudogap mediated by quantum-size effects in lead islandsWang, Kedong; Zhang, Xieqiu; Loy, Michael M.; Chiang, T. -C.; Xiao, Xudong
Nov-1999 Pseudo hysteresis current loop and negative differential resistance in cluster superlattice of tellurium in zeoliteWang, Xiang-Rong; Tang, Zi-Kang; Ge, Wei-Kun
1995 Pseudo time marching method for steady state solution of hyperbolic and parabolic equationsLok, Andrew
Oct-2008 Pseudo trust : zero-knowledge authentication in anonymous P2PsLu, Li; Han, Jinsong; Liu, Yunhao; Hu, Lei; Huai, Jinpeng; Ni, Lionel M.
2007 Pseudo-values empirical likelihood methods for U-statistics with applicationsYuan, Junqing
1993 Pseudo volume forms and their applications to holomorphic mappingsHu, Pei Chu; Yang, Chung-Chun
Aug-1998 The psychological and economical perspectives on human decisions in social and interactive contextsZwick, Rami; Erev, Ido; Budescu, David
2012 Psychological distance and construal level : new insights and implicationsYan, Dengfeng
2008 Psychophysics of footwear fit and a methodology for needs elicitationAu, Yim Lee
2013 Public Interest and Water Control Financing in Qing China, 1790-1840HE, Wenkai
19-Sep-1995 Pulmonary drug delivery systemWong, J. Tze-Fei; Tam, Michael S. C.
23-May-2011 Pumping-induced perturbation of flow in microfluidic channels and its implications for on-chip cell cultureZhou, Jianhua; Ren, Kangning; Dai, Wen; Zhao, Yihua; Ryan, Declan; Wu, Hongkai
2002 Punchthrough phototransistorsLuo, Hailin
2001 Purification and characterization of a novel secretary cellobiase, Cba2, from Cellulomonas biazoteaLau, Tao Yin
29-Sep-2004 Purifying solid substance by zone heating and smelting and molecule spreading method and its deviceMi, Yongli; Li, Ning
20-Jul-2007 Purpose-driven digital repositories at HKUSTSoong, Samson C.
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