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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Oct-1999 Production of excreted human epidermal growth factor (hEGF) by an efficient recombinant Escherichia coli systemSivakesava, S.; Xu, Z. N.; Chen, Y. H.; Hackett, James A.; Huang, R. C.; Lam, E.; Lam, T. L.; Siu, K. L.; Wong, R. S. C.; Wong, Wan-Keung R.
2012 Production of high-value added products using supercritical fluid technologiesLin, Candy Sze Man
2001 Productivity growth of China in national and regional level from 1952 to 1995Chan, Ting Yee
Nov-1994 A product typology based on ethnicity and acculturationHui, Michael K.; Laroche, Michel; Kim, Chankon
May-1997 Profilometry using an optical stylus with interferometric readoutZhang, Jihua; Cai, Li-Long
30-Jul-2009 Profits and capital structureFrank, Murray Z.; Goyal, Vidhan K.
Jan-2000 Progress in microdisplay opticsKwok, Hoi-Sing; Li, H. F.; Huang, Ho-Chi
Mar-2005 Progressive skyline computation in database systemsPapadias, Dimitris; Tao, Yufei; Fu, Greg; Seeger, Bernhard
1996 Progress towards asymmetric aldol reaction of arylacetonitrilesLam, Weldon W. F
7-Nov-2006 Projector with flat light sourcesKwok, Hoi-Sing
2009 Proline-rich membrane anchor (PRiMA) of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) : characterization of its splicing variants and their expression profiles in different chicken tissuesMok, Ka Wai
2010 Promoter analysis of cis-CA inducible gene ZCE1 and cis-CA resistance gene CPAR1Li, Hua
1998 Promoter analysis of the neuronal identity regulatory gene, mab-21, in Caenorhabditis elegansSo, Gloria Ming Kit
Oct-1998 Promotion thresholds : price change insensitivity or risk hurdle?Krider, Robert E.; Han, Sangman
1995 Pronominal use in the language of advertising : a functional perspectiveWong, Kitty Pui-yiu
2002 Pronunciation modeling for spontaneous mandarin speech recognitionLiu, Yi
1994 A proof of an assertion of BombieriChan, Yau Sing
2007 Properties and selection of materials for flip chip packages with low-K dieTang, Chi Wang
2010 Properties of advanced fiber composites with halloysite nanotube toughened epoxy matrixYe, Yueping
Apr-2000 Properties of a magnetic superconductor with weak magnetization : application to ErNi2B2CNg, Tai-Kai; Leung, Wai-Tak
Mar-2007 Properties of organic matter in PM2.5 at Changdao Island, China : a rural site in the transport path of the Asian continental outflowFeng, Jialiang; Guo, Zhigang; Chan, Chak-Keung; Fang, Ming
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