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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Global crisis and domestic responses: the Qing famine relief 1876-1895He, Wenkai
Jan-2013 Globalism and the emergence of competitive culture in the universities of Hong KongSo, Alvin Y.
2006 Globalization and the transformation of higher education in Hong KongWong, Sharon Yin Yue
30-Sep-2011 Glomerular latency coding in artificial olfactionJaber Al Yamani; Farid Boussaid; Bermak, Amine; Martinez, Dominique
7-Oct-1998 Gluskov and Thompson constructions : a synthesisGiammarresi, Dora; Ponty, Jean-Luc; Wood, Derick
2002 Going out of ivory : social networks and university graduates' job searches in Guangdong, ChinaTang, Yong
2010 Gold nanoparticles based DNA chips utilizing CMOS technologiesWang, Yijin
May-2004 The Gong systemRossiter, David Paul; Lam, Gibson
2002 Goodness-of-fit test for non-linear time series modelHan, Ngai Sze
2008 Gossip-based delay-sensitive N-to-N information dissemination protocolLuk, Vincent Wing-Hei; Wong, Albert K. S.; Ouyang, Robin Wentao; Lea, Chin-Tau
2003 Governance role of different types of state-share holders : evidence from China's listed companiesWang, Jiwei
2007 Governing parameters for stress-dependent soil-water characteristics, conjunctive flow and slope stabilityHo, Mei Yung
2013 Government change and democratic breakdown in parliamentary and presidential democracies : a study of 75 countries from 1951 to 2006Wong, Kevin Tze-wai
May-2009 G protein signaling controls the differentiation of multiple cell lineagesWang, Ke-Peng; Wong, Yung-Hou
2008 A GPU-based framework for real-time rendering of open water phenomenaLe, Jianwei
2002 Graded conforming delaunay tetrahedralization with bounded radius-edge ratioCheng, Siu-Wing; Poon, Sheung-Hung
May-2000 A gradient method approach to optimization-based multidisciplinary simulations and nonoverlapping domain decomposition algorithmsDu, Qiang; Gunzburger, Max D.
Jun-1996 Grail : engineering automata in C++, version 2.5Raymond, Darrell R.; Wood, Derick
May-1995 The Grail papers: version 2.3Raymond, Darrell R.; Wood, Derick
1995 A graph-based approach for rule base maintenanceHiga, Kunihiko; Lee, Ho Geun
2007 Graph based image segmentationWang, Jingdong
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