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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Aug-1996 A habit-formation model of brand choiceHan, Jin Kyung; Han, Sangman; Vanhonacker, Wilfried R.
Sep-1995 Habits and anomalies in intertemporal choiceWathieu, Luc
2012 A Hadoop-based storage system for big spatio-temporal data analyticsTan, Haoyu
Mar-1994 Han character font sharing across incompatible bitmap file formatsPong, Man-Chi; Lee, Fung Fung; Yeung, Ricky; Zhang, Yongguang
May-1994 Hand-dug caisson dust abatement systemFang, Ming
2006 Hand held and wireless micro projectorChan, Hoi Chun
2009 Hand-skin temperature and tracking performanceGoonetilleke, Ravindra S.; Hoffmann, Errol R.
Jul-2009 Hand-skin temperature and tracking performanceGoonetilleke, Ravindra S.; Hoffmann, Errol R.
1995 Han fu yu da yi tong quan li shi xueLam, Ling Hon (林凌瀚)
2006 Haptic system for collision-free 5-axis tool path generationChen, Kun
2007 Hardware-constrained multi-channel cognitive MACJia, Juncheng; Zhang, Qian
2010 Hardware implementation of a reconfigurable binary decision tree based classifierLi, Qingzheng
2003 Harlequin (hlq) : an arabidopsis mutant that ectopically expresses Dc3-GUS and shows defects in cell wall morphogenesisBalasubramanian, Rajagopal
2013 Harvesting scholarly publications of humanities and social science researchersLam, Ki-Tat
2001 Hazard-free programmable packet processor and its applicationLai, Wangyang
2008 HC-MAC : a hardware-constrained cognitive MAC for efficient spectrum managementJia, Juncheng; Zhang, Qian; Shen, Xuemin
4-Apr-1995 Heads you win, tails I lose : the case of positioning along counterstereotypic dimensionsRaghubir, Priya
30-Jun-2009 Health care product containing isoflavone aglycones and method of producing the sameNg, Ka Ming; Luo, Qian; Zhang, Jingnan; Harjo, Benny
2006 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant privacy access control model for Web servicesCheng, Sin Ying
2009 Health-related lifestyle, socioeconomic mediation, and successful aging : evidence from ChinaHou, Miaomiao
2007 Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in various micro devices for the development of micro absorption heat pump systemsHu, Jinshan
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