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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2000 Bonded repair of a center-cracked panel with composite patchesChau, Wan-Tin
24-Jan-2002 Bonds and yield to maturityKwok, Yue Kuen
Jun-1999 Bonus and penalty in common pool resource dilemmas under uncertaintyRapoport, Amnon; Au, Wing Tung
Aug-1998 Book-to-market, firm size and the turn-of-the-year effect : evidence from Pacific-Basin emerging marketsChui, Andy Chun Wai; Wei, John K. C.
2001 Bootstrapping reinforcement learning with supervised learning for intelligent agents in robocupFung, Andy On Tik
2008 Bopper : broadcast-based peer-to-peer error recovery for wireless videoLi, Shenjie
2007 BOPPER : wireless video broadcasting with peer-to-peer error recoveryLi, Shenjie; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
2010 Boundary element method in electromagnetic computationsZheng, Huihuo
2008 Brain image segmentation : from tissues to structuresWu, Jue
May-2007 Branch-and-bound processing of ranked queriesTao, Yufei; Hristidis, Vagelis; Papadias, Dimitris; Papakonstantinou, Yannis
1995 Branching laws for shared orbit pairs of simple Lie algebrasWong, Daniel Siu-fai
1996 Branching laws for simple polar pairs of Lie algebrasCheuk, David Taiwai
23-May-1994 Brand extensions in a competitive context : effects of competitive targets and product attribute typicality on perceived qualityHan, Jin Kyung; Schmitt, Bernd H.
May-1996 A breakdown of invariance : the case of two vs. three-person sequential bargainingZwick, Rami; Rapoport, Amnon; Weg, Eythan
1999 Breaking the barrier of transactions : mining inter-transaction association rulesTung, Anthony K. H.; Lu, Hongjun; Han, Jiawei; Feng, Ling
1999 Breit interaction and level spacing statistics in small metallic clustersYi, Lin
1995 Breit interaction, level spacing statistics, and far-infrared absorption in small metal clustersYi, Lin; Sheng, Ping
2000 Broadband, large acceptance angle polarizing beam splitters for reflective LCD projectorsLi, H. F.; Huang, Ho-Chi; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
2003 Broadcasting video with the knowledge of user delay preferenceChan, Shueng-Han Gary; Yeung, S. H. I.
Jul-2009 Broken time-reversal symmetry in Josephson junction involving two-band superconductorsNg, Tai-Kai; Nagaosa, Naoto
Apr-2007 Br treated graphite nanoplatelets for improved electrical conductivity of polymer compositesLi, Jing; Vaisman, Linda; Marom, Gad; Kim, Jang-Kyo
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