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Date of IssueTitle Authors
26-Jan-2010 Dual-mode voltage-controlled oscillatorLuong, Howard Cam; Leung, Lai Kan
11-Sep-2007 Dual-mode voltage controlled oscillator using integrated variable inductorsLeung, Lai Kan; Luong, Howard Cam
2011 The dual pair (U(1),U(1,1)) over dyadic fieldsCong, Xuri
2002 Dual-pitch separation for harmonically-related pitches and noisy soundsSuek, Daniel Sai Hang
2009 Dual-porosity structure and bimodal hydraulic property functions for unsaturated coarse granular soilsLi, Xu
2009 Dual-power-path RF-DC multi-output power management unit for RFID tagsYi, Jun; Ki, Wing-Hung; Mok, Philip; Tsui, Chi-Ying
2009 Duplicate detection in XML Web dataHuang, Yuzhou
2008 Durability of GFRP composite made of epoxy/organoclay nanocompositeZhu, Honggang; Leung, Christopher K. Y.; Kim, Jang-Kyo
24-Jan-2002 Duration and portfolio immunizationKwok, Yue Kuen
1998 DX-like deep levels in ZnS1-xTexMak, Kin Kuen
2003 Dynamic admission and dispatching control of stochastic distribution systemsChen, Hairong
Feb-1997 Dynamical flow effect in twisted nematic liquid crystal cellsSheng, Ping; Qian, Tie-Zheng
30-Aug-2004 Dynamical mechanisms of adaptation in multiagent systemsWong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Lim, Sze Wah; Zhuo, Gao
2008 The dynamical system approach to traffic assignment : the attainability of equilibrium and its application to traffic system managementBie, Jing
Sep-1998 Dynamic and distributed web caching in active networksLi, Bo; Deng, Xin; Golin, Mordecai J.; Sohraby, Kazem
1999 Dynamic and optical properties of Poly (P-Pyridine)Law, Carrie Wing Yan
1997 Dynamic bandwidth allocation for real-time VBR video traffic in ATM networksChu, Hon-Wai; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2005 Dynamic behavior of cellular materials and cellular structures : experiments and modelingGao, Ziyang
2000 Dynamic behaviour of bicycle helmets under impactHui, Sung Kwai
2002 A dynamic call admission policy with precision QoS guarantee using stochastic control for mobile wireless networksWu, Si; Wong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Li, Bo
1994 Dynamic changes of cytoskeletal proteins in primary astrocyte cultures post scratch injuryLeung, Doreen Siu Yi
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