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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2007 Investigation on the use of rubbersoil-primer as an interface material for controlling of hydraulic conditions of loose fill slopesOr, Kin
2012 Investigations of alkaline direct ethanol fuel cells with different types of ion-exchange membraneAn, Liang
2008 Investigations of mobility and impact behaviour of granular flowsLaw, Pak Hei
2009 Investigations of operating conditions to improve the UV transmittance in chemically enhanced primary treatmentZeng, Minzhen
2003 Investigations of p53 mutations and effects on drug resistanceChan, Kin Tak
2001 Investigations of soil nails in loose fill slopesCheuk, Chi Yin
1997 Investigations of turbulent jets interacting with standing water wavesChen, Xingwei
1993 Investigations on some properties of quasi-analytic classesChang, Chun Rui
2003 Investigations on the geo-environmental performance of rubber-soilYip, Lai Yuk
Feb-2003 The investment opportunity set and its proxy variables : theory and evidenceAdam, Tim R.; Goyal, Vidhan K.
2010 In vitro and in vivo analyses of the impact of Mab21l2 and its targets on neural patterning and differentiation in vertebratesLau, Tze Chin
8-Nov-2010 In vitro intestinal absorption and first-pass intestinal and hepatic metabolism of cycloastragenol, a potent small molecule telomerase activatorZhu, Jessie J.; Lee, S.; Ho, Maurice K.C.; Hu, Sharry Y.Q.; Pang, Tracy H.H.; Ip, Fanny C.F.; Chin, A.C.; Harley, C.B.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wong, Y.H.
2013 In vitro toxicity testing of incense VOCs using A549 lung epithelial cellsHung, Ka Man
2000 In vivo autofluorescence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma and normal tissueQu, Jianan; Yuen, Po Wing; Huang, Zhijian; Wei, William I.
2008 Involvement of Cdk5/p35 in EphB2-dependent dendritic spine developmentWu, Qian
2004 The involvement of heterotrimeric G proteins in the formation of neuromuscular junction and myogenesisLok, Ka Chun
2008 The involvement of JAK2/STAT2/STAT3 in myogenic differentiationWang, Kepeng
2009 An I/O-efficient data structure for querying XML with inherited attributesLau, Ching Hin
7-Jun-2001 Ion implantation of MeV Au+ into potassium titanyl phosphateWang, Ke-Ming; Shi, Bo-Rong; Cue, Nelson; Lu, Fei; Meng, Ming-Qi; Hu, Hui; Shen, Ding-Yu; Liu, Yao-Gang; Fink, D.; Mùˆller, M.
1996 Irrelevance and parameter learning in Bayesian networksZhang, Nevin Lianwen
1998 Ischemia induced cell death in cultured astrocytes : evidence of apoptosisYung, Hong Wa
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