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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1997 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetyleneLam, Wing Yip; Lee, Priscilla Pui Sze; Tang, Ben-Zhong
1998 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetylenesLam, Wing Yip
1999 Synthesis and properties of poly(C60-CO-phenylacetylene)sXu, Hongyao; Tang, Ben-Zhong
1998 Synthesis and reactivities of complexes containing metal-nitrogen multiple bondsChim, Joyce Lai Chu
2005 Synthesis and reactivity of 2,2'-bipyridine-supported iridium alkyl compounds : Metal complexes with chiral phosphine oxide and sulfoxide ligandsSau, Yiu Keung
1999 Synthesis and reactivity of imido and oxo complexes of transition metalsWong, Kam Tai
2008 Synthesis and reactivity of iridium, rhodium and ruthenium alkyl complexes containing 2,2'-bipyridineChan, Ka Wang
2010 Synthesis and reactivity of metal complexes supported by Kla╠łui's oxygen tripodal ligandIp, Ho Fai
2012 Synthesis and reactivity of transition metal alkyl and nitrido complexesKwan Huang, Enrique
2003 Synthesis and studies of n-base appended manganese corrolesNg, Nga Chun
2004 Synthesis & application of biofunctional nanostructuresGu, Hongwei
1994 Synthesis, characterisation and reactivities of transition metal complexes of hard base ligandsChow, Ernest K. F
1998 Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical studies of bimetallic ruthenium complexes with linear hydrocarbon chainsYeung, Richard Chung-Yiu
2005 Synthesis, characterization and NLO properties of octupolar moleculesHu, Quanyuan
1997 Synthesis, chemical and catalytic properties of transition metal complexes with polydentate phosphine ligandsLee, Hon-man
2006 Synthesis, crystal structures, and reactivity of ruthenium and osmium nitrido complexesLam, Ngai Man
2004 Synthesis, light emission, optical activities, and thermal stability of linear and hyperbranched acetylenic polymersLaw, Chi Wang
7-May-2013 Synthesis of acylarylenes and hyperbranched Poly(aclarylene)s by metal-free cyclotrimerization of alkynesTang, Ben-Zhong; Jim, Ka Wai; Qin, Anjun; Haeussler, Matthias; Lam, Wing Yip
2011 Synthesis of Ag nano- and microstructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and applications in chemo- and biosensingHu, Jian-Bing
2009 Synthesis of atropisomeric 1-Naphthamide-Derived phosphines and application for asymmetric heck and Suzuki-Miyaura reactionsSun, Lijie
2005 Synthesis of corroles and furochlorophin as photosensitizers for photodyanmic [i.e. photodynamic] therapy (PDT)Kong, Pak Wing
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