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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2000 Old-age pension reform in China : an inevitable way from PAYG to fully-funded systemYang, Yi
2013 Oligomeric products and formation mechanisms from acid-catalyzed reactions of methyl vinyl ketone on acidic sulfate particlesChan, Ka Man
Mar-2003 On adaptive estimation in nonstationary ARMA models with GARCH errorsLing, Shi-Qing; McAleer, Michael
2007 On algebra of theta functionsTam, Kam Fai
2000 On American option pricingCao, Li
1994 On application of the Arnold's stability method to the problem of magnetohydrodynamic stability with helical symmetryLam, Sai Lap
Oct-1997 On architectures for broadband wireless systemsJiang, Shengming; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Gupta, Sanjay
2003 On bandwidth adaptation for multi-rate video multicastLiu, Jiangchuan
Feb-2008 On being a mindful authoritarian : is need for cognition always associated with greater tolerance of deviant groups?Tam, Kevin K. P.; Leung, Angela Ka-Yee; Chiu, Chi-Yue
1999 On boundary value functions of harmonic functions and non-tangential maximal moduliHo, Hon-Ming
Oct-2003 On caching effectiveness of web clusters under persistent connectionsTang, Xueyan; Chanson, Samuel T.
2008 On-chip and MIMO antennas for furture wireless communicationsYan, Jie Bang
2005 On-chip passive components for GaN-based RFIC/MMIC applicationsChu, Chun San
1998 On-chip planar spiral inductor induced substrate effects on radio frequency integrated circuits in CMOS technologyPun, Alan Leung Ling
2009 On congestion control and fair bandwidth allocation in the internetChen, Shan
May-1998 On deformable models for visual pattern recognitionCheung, Kwok-Wai; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Chin, Roland T.
Jul-2002 On deformable models for visual pattern recognitionCheung, Kwok-Wai; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Chin, Roland T.
2012 On double poisson summation formulaWong, Kwok Pang
2000 On dynamic crane deployment in container terminalsLin, Wuqin
2003 One dimensional quantum mechanical transport in double-gate MOSFETMan, Tsz Yin
2000 A one-pass keyword spotting algorithm using a log likelihood ratio confidence measureLai, Chak Shun
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