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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1996 Synthesis of [gamma]-aminoalcohol derivatives and study of the mechanism of Cp-Ti protonolysisLo, Man-chu
2011 Synthesis of graphene sheets and their application for transparent conductorsZheng, Qingbin
6-Jul-2004 Synthesis of hyperbranched organometallic polymers and their use as precursors to advanced ceramic materialsTang, Ben-Zhong; Xu, Kaitian; Peng, Han; Luo, Jingdong; Zhang, Xixiang; Sun, Qunhui; Lam, Wing Yip; Cha, John A.
2005 Synthesis of hyperbranched polyarylenes and poly(aroylarylene)s by polycyclotrimerization of alkynes and their applications as photoresist and precursors for magnetic ceramicsDong, Hongchen
2003 Synthesis of luminophoric disubstituted polyacetylenes and fabrications of efficient, stable, blue light-emitting diodesXie, Zhiliang
24-Nov-2009 Synthesis of modified maghemite and jacobsite nanoparticlesHu, Jing; Lo, Irene Man-Chi; Chen, Guohua
Feb-1997 Synthesis of optically active poly(silyethylene)s containing a stereogenic silicon centerWan, Xinhua; Kwok, Hoi-Sing; Tang, Ben-Zhong
2006 Synthesis, optical activity, and liquid crystallinity of polyacetylenes containing naturally occurring building blocksLai, Lo Ming
2008 Synthesis, purification and applications of carbon nanomaterials and their polymer nanocompositesWang, Huan
2012 Synthesis, structure, and properties of TLCP/MWNT compositesRen, Changyou
2010 Synthetic and mechanistic studies on the mechanism of action of artemisininsLi, Ka Yan
1998 Synthetic dye degradation by white-rot fungi and fungal enzymesWang, Yu Xin
11-Jan-2012 System and method for encoding data based on a compression technique with security featuresAu, Oscar C.; Zhou, Jiantao
2012 Systematic design and fabrication of DNA electrophoresis chip with nanostructuresWang, Wentao
2011 A systematic study of human activity recognition using a single tri-axis accelerometerPan, Xiaorui
2001 System design and capacity for parallel channels with CSI partially known at the transmitterTao, William Wai Yuk
2009 System design and power management for ultra low energy applications using energy harvesting techniquesShao, Hui
May-2004 A system for assessment in large classes : SOASMansinghka, Surendra K.; Kao, T. F. Gina; Yip, C. L. Victor; Ha, Tak S.; Chow, H. H. Charlotte; Tong, Dennis Pok Bun
1997 A system for exchange rate forecasting using news headlinesPeramunetilleke, Desamanya C
2008 System identification in dynamic positron emission tomographyDeng, Chuang
2001 System level power optimization and estimationZou, Peiqing
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