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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Unsteady pipe friction : formulation of efficient models and investigation of existing modeling assumptionsZhao, Ming
5-Feb-2007 Unusual carrier thermalization in a dilute GaAs1−xNx alloyTan, P. H.; Xu, Z. Y.; Luo, X. D.; Ge, Wei-Kun; Mascarenhas, A.; Xin, H. P.; Tu, C. W.
1999 Unusual magnetic superconductorsLeung, Edmond Wai Tak
18-Aug-2011 Unveiling the critical process in which organic molecules control the polymorphism of magnesium-containing calcium carbonate: the early nucleation of amorphous precursors or the subsequent amorphous to crystalline transformations?Xiao, Junwu; Yang, Shihe
Apr-2001 Updating robust reliability using structural test dataPapadimitriou, Costas; Beck, J. L.; Katafygiotis, Lambros
2012 Urban scene parsing with images and scan dataZhang, Hong-hui
2000 The use and effect of Cantonese sentence particles in students' e-mails : the emergence of a 'cyber-creole'?James, Gregory C. A.
2008 Use of actively cooled and activated coolant for surface quality improvement in ductile material grindingGao, Yong-Sheng; Lai, H.
2006 Use of actively cooled megasonic coolant for precision machiningLai, Honkeung
1996 Use of bias term in projection pursuit learning improves approximation and convergence propertiesKwok, Tin-Yau; Yeung, Dit-Yan
2004 The use of biomarkers in assessing ambient airborne bacteria and fungiLee, Alex King Yin
2013 The use of discrete distributions with a very large codebook for automatic speech recognition and speaker verificationYe, Guoli
2002 The use of ER targeted aequorin to study store-operated Ca²⁺ inflow in a liver cell lineChan, Man Yee
1995 Use of hybrid biological system to maximize waste treatment capacityFung, Leonard K. L
Jul-2010 Use of incineration MSW ash : a reviewLam, Charles H. K.; Ip, Alvin W. M.; Barford, John P.; McKay, Gordon
1998 Use of in situ measurements and satellite remote sensing in multidisciplinary marine studiesKester, Dana R.
6-Aug-2008 Use of marine fungus originated compounds as antifouling agentsQian, Peiyuan (錢培元); Li, Xiancui (李憲璀); Kwong, Fuk Ning (鄺福寧); Yang, Lai Hung (楊麗紅); Dobretsov, Serguei Vladimirovich
4-Sep-2012 Use of marine fungus originated compounds as antifouling agentsQian, Peiyuan; Li, Xiancui; Kwong, Fuk Ning; Yang, Lai Hung; Dobretsov, Serguei
2001 The use of open-face explants to study localized Ca²⁺ signalling during neural induction in Xenopus laevis embryosLee, Michelle
2008 Use of polymer/organoclay nanocomposite surface treatment as water/ion barrier for concreteLeung, Christopher K. Y.; Zhu, Honggang; Kim, Jang-Kyo; Woo, Ricky S. C.
2003 The use of prosodic features in Chinese speech recognition and spoken language processingWong, Jimmy Pui Fung
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