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Date of IssueTitle Authors
May-2009 Island multicast : combining IP multicast with overlay data distributionJin, Xing; Cheng, Kan-Leung; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary
2004 Island multicast : the combination of IP-multicast with application-level multicastCheuk, Kin-Wai
2011 Is Love All Around? Visualization of Sentiments via Tagged Photo AnalysisIp, Dixon M.C.; Wu, Oscar K.K.; Shen, H. C.
2011 Is lumpy investment relevant for the business cycles in open economies?Zhou, Jing
1999 Is Mencius's ethics virtue ethics? : a comparative study between Mencius and Alasdair MacIntyreWong, Hau-yee
1994 Isolated microspore culture system for Brassica parachinensisMak, Siu-chun
Oct-2009 Isolating the effects of vection and optokinetic nystagmus on visually induced motion sickness during exposure to optokinetic stimuliJi, Ting Ting; So, Richard H. Y.; Cheung, Raymond T. F.
2000 Isolation and characterization of benzodiazepine receptor ligand from Scutellaria baicalensis GeorgiHui, Kwok-Min
2009 Isolation of the effective components from selected natural products and characterization of their bioactivitiesZhang, Jingnan
Jul-2009 Iso-map : energy-efficient contour mapping in wireless sensor networksLi, Mo; Liu, Yunhao
1995 Isomorphism testing and display of symmetries in dynamic treesNg, Moon-pun
5-Mar-2013 Isoquinolone compounds as subtype-selective agonists for melatonin receptors MT1 and MT2Wong, Yung-Hou; Ho, Maurice Kwok Chung; Hu, Yueqing; New, D. C.; He, Xixin; Pang, Haihong
2008 Isotropic surface remeshing for modern architectureXia, Sibin
2005 Issues and discussions of RFID adoptions in supply chainJiang, Bo
1995 An issues identifier for on-line financial databasesYen, Jerome; Chen, H.; Ma, Pai Chun; Bui, Tung X.
2006 Issues in assemble-to-order systemsFeng, Jiejian
2002 Is the bankruptcy risk rewarded by higher expected returns? : evidence from Japan 1980-2000Xu, Ming
12-Dec-2001 I still can't print the notes : student attitudes towards online learningMisic, Vojislav B.
2005 IT adoption and its impact on logistics industry : the Pearl River Delta experienceDing, Hua
2005 Iterative algorithms for channel estimation and equalizationYao, Ning
2004 Iterative algorithms for the constrained design of filters and filter banksLaw, Ying Man
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