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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2009 Investigation of heterogeneous reactions of organic aerosols using single particle levitation and Raman spectroscopyLee, Alex King Yin
2000 Investigation of high resolution SPM alignment systemZou, Yi
2010 Investigation of interaction between solube adenylyl cyclase and p34SEI-1Lam, Wai Kwan
2009 Investigation of interface property between GaMnAs and organic materialChen, Wenjin
1997 Investigation of longitudinal response in disordered systemCheng, Sze-ming
2006 Investigation of low temperature ammonia remediation catalytsLui, Pik Ying
2000 An investigation of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency modelsLu, Baohong
Oct-2000 Investigation of sintering characteristics of composite multilayer metallization for MEMS device applicationsYan, Guizhen; Tang, Zhenan; Chan, Philip Ching-Ho; Sharma, Rajnish K.; Sin, Johnny K. O.; Hsing, I-Ming; Wang, Yangyuan
2008 Investigation of spatially graded distribution of pore fluid effect on wetting-induced soil collapseXu, Jia
2007 An investigation of strain localization in cemented sands and mechanisms of stiffness anisotropy using the dem simulationsMok, Benjamin Chit Man
1994 An investigation of students' knowledge of academic and subtechnical vocabularyLi, Edward Siu-Leung; Pemberton, Richard
1995 An investigation of the effectiveness of choice strategies by elimination : some implications for DSS designChau, Patrick Y. K.; Bui, Tung X.
May-2004 Investigation of the effectiveness of different teaching toolsLo, Irene Man-Chi; Young, Ben
2008 Investigation of the regulation of CFTR by cytoskeletal keratin 18Duan, Yuanyuan
1999 An investigation of the roles of calcium ions in mechanisms of zebrafish egg activationLee, Karen Wing-man
2011 Investigation of the use of a salmonella-vectored system to induce mucosal immunity against FMDV antigenLee, Shuk Kwan
2004 Investigation of tumor suppressive role of chromosome 9 in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYang, Lichun
2004 Investigation of virus inactivation and by-products formation under sequential disinfection using UV irradiation and free chlorine/monochloramineCheung, Lok Man
2005 Investigation of water wakes in shallow environmentChan, Fung Chi
1999 Investigation on algorithms for extraction of weak signals in the presence of larger interferenceYau, On Lai
2008 Investigation on epoxy flow processing parameters and v-groove fabrication parameters for the passive alignment of optical fibersLam, Jimmy Ka San
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