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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Dec-2010 Optimal scheduling of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networksZhang, Tengyi; Wu, Yuan; Lang, Ke; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2002 Optimal seismic performance-based design of reinforced concrete buildingsZou, Xiaokang
2003 Optimal server placement for streaming content delivery network on the InternetHei, Xiaojun; Tsang, Danny H. K.; Bensaou, Brahim
Dec-2002 Optimal shouting policies of options with reset rightsKwok, Yue Kuen; Dai, Min; Wu, Lixin
20-Jan-2001 Optimal shouting policies of options with shouting rightsDai, Min; Kwok, Yue Kuen; Wu, Lixin
2003 Optimal shouting policies of options with strike reset rightDai, Min; Kwok, Yue Kuen; Wu, Lixin
2009 Optimal surface interpolation and its applicationsChen, Ming
2009 Optimal time delay in the control of epidemicWang, Zhenggang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip; Leung, Frederick Chi-Ching
22-Apr-2010 Optimal time-dependent current pattern for domain wall dynamics in nanowiresYan, Peng; Wang, Xiang-Rong
2002 Optimal traffic counting location for origin-destination matrix estimationGan, Liping
May-2003 Optimal wage indexationCho, Jang-Ok
Sep-2001 Optimization algorithms for simultaneous multidimensional queries in OLAP environmentsKalnis, Panagiotis; Papadias, Dimitris
2004 Optimization of a long-term electricity contract in a large-scale chemical production siteChan, Pang
2004 Optimization of antibacterial cyclic decapeptides : tyrocidine ANg, Na Lee
Dec-2004 Optimization of debleeding process and hygrothermal ageing effect on adhesion performance of black Cu oxide coated substratesKim, Jang-Kyo; Woo, Ricky S. C.; Hung, Pamela Y. P.; Lebbai, M.; Chan, Y. H.; Wu, J. S.
1998 Optimization of interphase in glass fabric-vinylester composite laminatesSham, Man Lung
2003 Optimization of metallization and process variables in low temperature wire bonding technologyChan, Yu Hin
2006 Optimization of pile group foundations in non-linear soil using hybrid genetic algorithmsNg, Tsz Man
2002 Optimization of reflective LCDs with phase compensatorsYakovlev, D. A.; Chigrinov, Vladimir G.; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
Aug-2009 Optimization of silver paste printed passive UHF RFID tagsGao, Bo; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
2002 Optimization of the photoresponse of ZnS-based UV detectorsGuo, Zhen
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