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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2011 Nucleotides-mediated size differentiation of gold nanoparticles and its application for enzymatic assayLin, Li
1999 The Number of spanning trees in circulant graphsZhang, Yuanping; Yong, Xuerong; Golin, Mordecai J.
2004 Numerical algorithms for exotic financial derivativesLau, Ka Wo
12-Aug-2003 Numerical algorithms for free boundary value problems in financeKwok, Yue Kuen
Jul-1999 Numerical algorithms of the Lawrence-Doniach model for layered superconductors and their parallel implementationDu, Qiang; Gray, Paul
Jul-2007 Numerical analysis of plastic encapsulated electronic package reliability : viscoelastic properties of underfill resinSham, Man-Lung; Kim, Jang-Kyo; Park, J. H.
Oct-2002 Numerical approximation of some linear stochastic partial differential equations driven by special additive noisesDu, Qiang; Zhang, Tianyu
2000 Numerical approximation of stochastic differential equationsZhang, Tianyu
2001 Numerical experiments on the unified coordinates system for two dimensional steady flowLeung, Shing Yu
2005 Numerical flow simulations of an egg-shaped anaerobic sludge digester in wastewater treatmentWong, Tak Ian
2011 Numerical investigation of heat transport in a direct methanol fuel cell with anisotropic gas diffusion layersMiao, Zheng; He, Ya-Ling; Zhao, Tian-Shou; Tao, Wen-Quan
2007 Numerical methods for a mixed Stokes-Darcy modelZhu, Xiaohong
2012 Numerical methods for the moving contact line problem with applicationsGao, Min
May-1999 Numerical modeling of linear doping profiles for high voltage thin film SOI devicesZhang, Shengdong; Sin, Johnny K. O.; Lai, Tommy M. L.; Ko, Ping K.
2005 Numerical modeling of South China Sea circulationLi, Hui
2008 Numerical prediction and experimental validation of flip chip solder joint geometry for MEMS applicationsLo, Chi Chuen
2001 Numerical reconstruction of a 3D object with digital holographyYu, Lingfeng
2002 Numerical reconstruction of digital holograms with variable viewing anglesYu, Lingfeng; An, Yingfei; Cai, Li-Long
2011 Numerical simulation of drop formation dynamics in two phase flowsLiu, Jiewei
1997 Numerical simulation of flow around a circular cylinder by integro-differential method on distributed memory parallel computerAu, Wing-Hoi
2004 Numerical simulation of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemicsLau, Yik-Chung
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