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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2008 Atomicity analysis for service compositionYe, Chunyang
Dec-2008 Atomistic modeling of fluorine implantation and diffusion in III-nitride semiconductorsYuan, Li; Wang, Maojun; Chen, Kevin J.
2006 ATP and P2Y1 nucleotide receptor in cortical neurons : localization, signal transduction and transcriptional regulationSiow, Lam
Jul-2004 ATP potentiates agrin-induced AChR aggregation in cultured myotubesLing, Karen K. Y.; Siow, Nina L.; Choi, Chi Yan; Ting, Annie K. L.; Kong, Ling W.; Tsim, Karl Wah-Keung
2008 Attention detection based on cortical area V2 neuronsYang, Yanning
2008 Attributionally more complex people show less punitiveness and racismTam, Kevin K. P.; Au, A. L.; Leung, Angela Ka-Yee
Jan-1999 Auction on the internet - a preliminary studyChui, Kevin; Zwick, Rami
2001 Auditory spectrum based features (ASBF) for robust speech recognitionYim, Chi Ho
2006 Augmented reality system based on silicon microdisplayCheung, Wai Shan
2009 Authenticated join processing in outsourced databasesYang, Yin; Papadias, Dimitris; Papadopoulos, Stavros; Kalnis, Panos
2010 Authenticated query processingPapadopoulos, Stavros
Nov-1994 Auto-associative learning of on-line handwriting using recurrent neural networksYeung, Dit-Yan; Yeung, Kei-Wai
1999 Auto-browser : a system for automatically browsing the world wide webLi, Claire Wan Yin
2006 Autofluorescence spectroscopy of epithelial tissueWu, Yicong
20-Oct-1998 Auto focus laser encoder having three light beams and a reflective gratingCai, Li-Long; Zhang, Jihua
Aug-2005 Autoinhibition of X11/Mint scaffold proteins revealed by the closed conformation of the PDZ tandemLong, Jiafu; Feng, Wei; Wang, Rui; Chan, Ling-Nga; Ip, Fanny C. F.; Xia, Jun; Ip, Nancy Y.; Zhang, Mingjie
Jun-1996 Automated analysis of nerve-cell images using active contour modelsFok, Ying-Lun; Chan, Joseph; Chin, Roland T.
Dec-2009 An automated approach for identification and resolution of spatial clashes in building designRadke, A. M.; Wallmark, T.; Tseng, Mitchell M.
2011 Automated colorization of video subtitlesLin, Xuxiang
1998 Automated configuration of parametric feeding tools for mass customizationJoneja, Ajay; Lee, Neville Ka-Shek
1994 Automated image analysis using active contour modelFok, Ying-lun
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