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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Fabrication and characterization of nanostructured carbonsChen, Qihong
2011 Fabrication and characterization of normal-incidence p-i-n InGaAs photodetectors grown on Si substratesGao, Yan
2009 Fabrication and characterization of one dimensional ZnO nanostructuresCheng, Chun
1999 Fabrication and characterization of Si-based miniaturized devices for NO{208} sensing and DNA amplificationLao, Ieng Kin
2011 Fabrication and characterizations of metallic nanostructured materialsWong, Chi Cheong
2006 Fabrication and optical characterization of nanostructures formed inside AlPO4-5 zeolite single crystalsYe, Jianting
2004 Fabrication and properties of zeolitic microchemical systemsLeung, Adrian Yat Lai
2012 Fabrication and ultrasonic properties of three-dimensional solid-in-solid phononic crystalsSun, Ke
2010 Fabrication, light emission, and magnetism of silica nanoparticles hybridized with AIE luminogens and inorganic nanostructuresFaisal, Mahtab
27-Sep-2010 Fabrication of freestanding, microperforated membranes and their applications in microfluidicsZheng, Yizhe; Wu, Hongkai; Dai, Wen; Ryan, Declan
2003 Fabrication of grid-domed textile composite and its application in safety helmetsWong, Yi Wai
27-Feb-2006 Fabrication of hetero-binary and honeycomb photonic crystals by one-step holographic lithographyWu, Lijun; Zhong, Yongchun; Wong, Kam-Sing; Wang, Guo; Yuan, Liang
2008 Fabrication of high power InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well blue LEDs grown on patterned Si substratesLiang, Hu
2008 Fabrication of high quality one material anode and cathode for water electrolysis in alkaline solutionJia, Jingshu
2001 Fabrication of mesoscopic devices using atomic force microscopic electric field induced oxidationLee, F. K.; Wen, G. H.; Zhang, Xixiang; Tsui, Ophelia K. C.
2011 Fabrication of microfluidic devices and their applications in chemical and cellular researchesZheng, Yizhe
2007 Fabrication of nanoparticle arrays by holographic lithographyLee, Fung Ying
2007 Fabrication of photonic quasicrystals using holographic lithography methodXu, Jun
2003 Fabrication of protein and DNA-mediated devices : a potential application in microelectronicsWan, Kris Pui Yu
2001 Fabrication of three dimensional integrated circuit using recrystallized large grain polysilicon filmChan, Victor Wing Chung
2003 Fabrication of zeolite microsystems and their applicationsLai, Sau Man
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