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Date of IssueTitle Authors
12-May-2011 HKUST's new library extension and Learning CommonsSpodick, Edward F.
2002 Hole injection and power efficiency of organic light emitting diodes with ultra-thin inorganic buffer layer on indium tin oxideQiu, Chengfeng; Chen, Haiying; Xie, Zhiliang; Wong, Man; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
Nov-2005 A holistic approach to purpose-driven repositories of digital content : issues and challengesSoong, Samson C.
1997 Holographic color filters for liquid crystal displaysBao, Zhong
1996 Home but not home : a case study of some Canadian returnees in Hong KongChan, Wendy W. Y
2010 Homeland divided : community newspapers, Chinese Americans and China politics, 1949-1955Guo, Xilin
Dec-2008 HomeMesh: a low-cost indoor wireless mesh for home networkingHe, Ting; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary; Wong, Chi-Fai
2007 Homeowners' resistance to local government in ShenzhenGuan, Bing
2004 Homo- and heterodinuclear metallocomplexes for biomimetic hydrolysis : design, synthesis, structure and catalytic activityXue, Genqiang
2002 A Homogeneous surface diffusion model (HSDM) for fixed bed adsorption systems using orthogonal collocationPorter, John Francis; McKay, Gordon; Lee, Kwok Choi; Mathews, Alexander P.
1999 Homomorphism between quantum groupsChan, Cheuk Hang
2007 "Hong" de han yi : "Hong za zhi" yu er shi shi ji chu Shanghai liu xing wen xueLi, Vivian Kit Yan (李潔茵)
2003 Hong Kong Chinese students' learning motivation : the role of social- versus individual-oriented achievement motivationTao, Yick-Ku
1999 Hong Kong's warehousing in transition : from traditional storage facility to third-party logisticsTong, Judy Hang Fa
1996 Hong Liangji <Beijiang shi hua< yan jiuGoh, Meow Hui (吳妙慧)
2007 Hop ID : a virtual coordinate based routing for sparse mobile ad hoc networksZhao, Yao; Chen, Yan; Li, Bo; Zhang, Qian
2009 H₂ optimal control under robust stability and controller degree constraintLiang, Yu
2003 Host-based intrusion detection using dynamic and static behavioral modelsYeung, Dit-Yan; Ding, Yuxin
2007 Hot embossing-injection molding and puncture characterization of polymer hypodermic needleShek, Ka To
2008 Hotness-aware sensor networksLi, Dong; Zhu, Yanmin; Cui, Li; Ni, Lionel M.
2009 House building movement in the context of rural-urban transformation : a case study on C village in southern ChinaFung, Pik Ki
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