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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1997 Two images of socialism : woodcuts in Chinese communist politicsHung, Chang-Tai
1995 Two-level flow control for ABR traffic in ATM networksWong, Wales Kin Fai; Tsang, Danny H. K.
2003 Two-person games on strategies of irreversible investmentLau, Wing Yan
2012 A two-phase approach for quad meshing of architectural surfacesWang, Qingxiang
1998 Two-phased electrorheological fluidChoi, Kam-To
Jan-2007 Two-phase flow oscillations in microchannel convective boilingLee, Man; Lee, Yi-Kuen; Zohar, Yitshak
Feb-2010 A two-phase switching hybrid supply modulator for polar transmitters with 9% efficiency improvementWu, Ying; Mok, Philip
3-Sep-2008 Two-photon beating experiment using biphotons generated from a two-level systemWen, Jianming; Du, Shengwang; Rubin, Morton H.; Oh, Eun
2010 Two-photon excited fluorescence study of keratins and fluorescent proteinsWang, Min
1-Apr-2010 Two-photon fabrication of photonic crystals by single-beam laser holographic lithographyZhong, Yongchun; Zhou, Jianying; Wong, Kam-Sing
1-Jun-2010 Two-photon free-induction decay with electromagnetically induced transparencyChen, Jiefei; Lu, Weixin; Wang, Shuyuan; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
13-Feb-2012 Two-photon interferences with degenerate and nondegenerate paired photonsLiu, Chang; Chen, Jiefei; Zhang, Shanchao; Zhou, Shuyu; Loy, Michael M.; Wong, George K. L.; Du, Shengwang
2007 Two routing strategies with cost update in integrated automated storage and retrieval systemLaw, King Yiu
Two senses of 'Wei' (僞) : a new interpretation of Xunzi's theory of human natureFung, Yiu-Ming (馮耀明)
May-2001 The two sides of the coin : learning and inertia among Italian automobile producers, 1896-1981Kim, Tai-Young; Dobrev, Stanislav D.; Solari, Luca
Nov-1998 A two-stage batch sorption optimized design for dye removal to minimize contact timeHo, Y. S.; McKay, Gordon
2003 Two-stage logistics scheduling with two-mode transportationWang, Haiyan
2001 A two-stage method for Chinese speech recognition and Chinese Pinyin inputChan, Ho Yin
2006 Two-stage strategic investmentChan, Ka Man
2006 Two tales of one service : user acceptance of short message service (SMS) in Hong Kong and ChinaYan, Xu; Gong, Min; Thong, James Y. L.
8-Jan-2009 Two-way transparency in the light-matter interaction : optical precursors with electromagnetically induced transparencyJeong, Heejeong; Du, Shengwang
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