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Date of IssueTitle Authors
31-Oct-2011 Optimized hierarchical equations of motion theory for Drude dissipation and efficient implementation to nonlinear spectroscopiesDing, Jin-Jin; Xu, Jian; Hu, Jie; Xu, Ruixue; Yan, Yijing
2009 Optimizing access radio in multi-radio mesh networkLim, Christopher
2002 Optimizing call admission control with QoS guarantee in a voice/data integrated cellular network using simulated annealingChau, Tat-Chung; Wong, Michael Kwok-Yee; Li, Bo
2005 Optimizing front/back confusion rates in sound localization performance : cluster analyses and experimental studiesNgan, Kwok Hung
11-Jun-2012 Optimizing hierarchical equations of motion for quantum dissipation and quantifying quantum bath effects on quantum transfer mechanismsDing, Jinjin; Xu, Ruixue; Yan, Yijing
Jun-2009 Optimizing segment caching for peer-to-peer on-demand streamingTang, Ho-Shing; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary; Li, Haochao
2012 Optimizing segment storage and retrieval for distributed video-on-demandXu, Zhuolin
Aug-2000 Optimizing static job scheduling in a network of heterogeneous computersTang, Xueyan; Chanson, Samuel T.
Jan-2010 Optimizing substream scheduling for peer-to-peer live streamingChan, Kam-Hung; Chan, Shueng-Han Gary; Begen, A. C.
2000 Optimizing the performance of GPD-based discriminative training in speech recognitionLam, Wai Bun
2001 Optimizing the performance of Virtual Headphone-based Surround Sound (VHSS) systems by manipulating the spectra of non-individualized HRTFsLeung, Ngan Ming
2002 Optimizing the service configuration with the least total cost approachZhao, Xiande; Lau, Ronald; Lam, Kokin
Jan-2009 Optimizing the throughput of data-driven peer-to-peer streamingZhang, Meng; Xiong, Yongqiang; Zhang, Qian; Sun, Lifeng; Yang, Shiqiang
Sep-1997 Optional stopping behavior with relative ranks : the secretary problem with unknown population sizeSeale, Darryl A.; Rapoport, Amnon
9-Sep-2004 Options with combinded reset rights on strike and maturityKwok, Yue Kuen; Dai, Min
2000 Options with combined Asian and barrier featuresWong, Him Ting
1995 <Oralities< : food and language as avenues of expression in works by three Chinese American authors--David Wong Louie, Fae Myenne Ng, and Amy TanChiu, Annette S
2005 Ordered ZnSe nanowire arrays grown on GaAs (111) substrate by molecular beam epitaxyLiu, Na
2009 Ordering postponement and product lifespan decisions in supply chainsWu, Xiaoli
1999 The ordering process of two-dimensional colloidal particles at liquid-vapor interfaceYau, Hokwing
2009 Organic cation-modified iron oxide-coated sand for adsorption of natural organic matterDing, Chunli
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