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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2004 Organic-inorganic layer-by-layer self-assembled multilayer films : preparation, characterization and applicationsCai, Li-Rong
2009 Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) for lightingYu, Xiaoming
2011 Organic light emitting materials : amplified spontaneous emission and hybrid inorganic-organic white light emittersYue, Zhounan
1996 Organizational adaptation of political parties : a case study of the Hong Kong Democratic PartyYu, Wing Yat
2001 Organizational citizenship behavior in the People’s Republic of ChinaFarh, Larry Jing-Lih; Zhong, Chen-Bo; Organ, Dennis W.
2001 Organizational context and employee citizenship behavior in the PRC : impact of job function, managerial level, and organization ownershipFarh, Larry Jing-Lih; Zhong, Chen-Bo; Organ, Dennis W.
2005 Organizational control mechanisms and employee outcomes : processes and configurationSong, Jiwen
Oct-2004 Organization and function of microfilaments during late epiboly in zebrafish embryosCheng, Jackie C.; Miller, Andrew L.; Webb, Sarah E.
2005 Organized one dimensional nanomaterials : from preparations to applicationsWen, Xiaogang
2001 Organometallic chemistry and catalytic properties of dihydrogen complexesLo, Shu-Tak
1996 Organometallic compounds of porphyrins and related ligandsHun, Sau Ming
2010 Organometallic reactions of Ru, Os and Re complexesGuo, Tongxun
Jul-2000 Origin of the blue emission from poly(1-phenyl-2-alkynes) and poly(phenylacetylenes)Ge, Wei-Kun; Huang, Yuan Ming; Lam, Wing Yip; Tang, Ben-Zhong
2004 Orthonormal rational functions via the jury table and their applicationsZhao, Xiaodong
2012 OSA: An Optical Switching Architecture for Data Center Networks with Unprecedented FlexibilityCHEN, Kai; Singla, Ankit; Singh, Atul; Ramachandran, Kishore; Xu, Lei; Zhang, Yueping; Wen, Xitao; Chen,Yan
2008 Out-of-core construction and simplification of Morse-Smale complexesZhu, Wenqi
2009 Out of plane screening and dipolar interaction in heterostructuresChan, Cheung
12-Dec-2001 An overview of a web-based course : from design to evaluationQian, Peiyuan; Ko, Ice W. P.; Wu, Madeline C. S.; Hsieh, Dennis P. H.; Renneberg, Reinhard; Yu, Jianzhen
May-2002 An overview of data replication on the InternetLoukopoulos, Thanasis; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Papadias, Dimitris
24-Feb-2006 Overview of the HKUST Institutional RepositoryChan, Diana L. H.
15-Sep-2009 Overvoltage protection materials and process for preparing sameChan, Chi-Ming; Ng, Kai-Mo; Wong, Catherine Yuen-Chien; Cheung, Ying Kit
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