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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2012 Household and business investment dynamics in a multiple-product RBC modelLiu, Yun
2011 The household registration system, population migration, and social stratification in contemporary ChinaZhang, Zhuoni
2003 Household savings, relationship banking, and urbanization : three essays in economic development and financeFan, Weiwei
2003 Household trends and projections in Hong Kong : a macro-simulation modelWang, Jianping
2009 Housing inequalities in urban China 1978-2003Zhang, Chuncen
Jul-2007 How do accounting variables explain stock price movements? theory and evidenceChen, Peter; Zhang, Guochang
2007 How does gender equity affect fertility in Hong Kong?Lam, Gigi
2006 How do networks matter in the labor market? : rethinking the effects of using contacts in job searchesShen, Jing
2008 How is weakness of will possible and how to overcome weakness of will in Wang Yangming's moral psychologyLau, Hoi Ho
Mar-1999 How well has the currency board performed? evidence from Hong KongKwan, Yum K.; Lui, Francis T.
May-2010 Huffman coding with letter costs: a linear-time approximation schemeGolin, Mordecai J.; Mathieu, Claire; Young, Neal E.
2002 Huffman coding with unequal letter costsGolin, Mordecai J.; Kenyon, Claire; Young, Neal E.
2008 Human action recognition using local spatio-temporal discriminant embeddingYeung, Dit-Yan; Jia, Kui
Oct-1999 Human epidermal growth factor (hEGF) excreted by recombinant Escherichia coli K-12 has the correct N-terminus and is fully bioactiveHuang, R. C.; Lam, E.; Chen, Y. H.; Hackett, James A.; Lam, T. L.; Liu, D.; Ma, M. C.; Siu, K. L.; Sivakesava, S.; Xu, Z. N.; Wong, R. S. C.; Wong, Wan-Keung R.
1999 Humanization, expression and characterization of an anti-hepatocellular carcinoma monoclonal antibodyChan, Kin Tak
2003 Human model reconstruction from image sequenceChang, Ka Kit
2011 Human tracking in crowded environment with stereo camerasCheung, King Shan
2011 HUmic-LIke substances in the atmosphere of the Pearl River Delta region : sources, abundance, elemental composition, and redox propertiesLin, Peng
Mar-2007 HybMig : a hybrid approach to dynamic plan migration for continuous queriesYang, Yin; Krämer, Jürgen; Papadias, Dimitris; Seeger, Bernhard
24-Jul-2006 Hybrid approach to high-frequency microfluidic mixingNiu, Xize; Liu, Liyu; Wen, Wei-Jia; Sheng, Ping
Jan-2010 A hybrid CMOS DPS with conditional data readout schemeLau, Ka Lai; Léomant, Sylvain; Bermak, Amine
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