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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2002 Multiplexing and angular distribution of organic light emitting diodeChan, Kin Wing
2009 Multi-population genetic algorithm for the mapping of landscape of complex functionGuo, Yunbo
2008 Multi-precision reconfigurable multiplier for low power applicationZhou, Shun
2004 Multirate periodic systems and constrained analytic function interpolation problemsChai, Li; Qiu, Li
2002 Multirate periodic systems : robust model validation and stabilizationChai, Li
2009 A multiscale approach for investigation of interfacial delamination in electronic packagesFan, Haibo; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
Apr-2010 Multiscale approach optimization on surface wettability change on rough surfaceYuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Fan, Haibo; Chan, Edward King-Long
2011 Multiscale carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composites containing nanofillersKhan, Shafi Ullah
2008 A multi-scale interfacial delamination model of Cu-SAM-epoxy systemsFan, Haibo; Wong, Cell K. Y.; Yuen, Matthew Ming-Fai
2005 A multi-scale method for the prediction of delamination in electronic packagesFan, Haibo
May-2009 A multiscale method to predict delamination in Cu-epoxy systems in electronic packagesYuen, Matthew Ming-Fai; Wong, Cell K. Y.; Fan, Haibo
2008 Multi-scale model-based vessel enhancement using local line integralsYuan, Yuan; Chung, Albert Chi-Shing
2013 Multi-scale modeling of the microstructure and transport properties of contemporary concreteMa, Hongyan
2008 Multi-scale vessel enhancement using local line integrals and variational optimizationYuan, Yuan
2008 Multi-schema entity resolutionHuang, Qiong
2003 Multi-site utility integration – an industrial case studyHirata, Kentaro; Sakamoto, Haruo; O’Young, Lionel; Cheung, Kwok Yuen; Hui, David Chi Wai
2001 The multi-stage large-buffer optical packet switch with collision-free scheduling approachZhu, Yudong
2003 A multi-stage optical switch with output buffer using WDM for delay lines sharingCheng, Kin On
12-Aug-2003 Multi-state lookback optionsKwok, Yue Kuen; Wong, Hoi Ying; Dai, Min
2011 Multi-task learning in heterogeneous feature spacesZhang, Yu; Yeung, Dit-Yan
May-2010 Multi-task learning using generalized t processZhang, Yu; Yeung, Dit-Yan
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