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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2005 Novel scaled-down poly-Si thin-film transistor devices and technologiesXiong, Zhibin
2002 A novel secretory molecule, MAB-7, is required in ray morphogenesis of caenorhabditis elegansTsang, Shun-Wa
1996 A novel self-planarized metallization scheme with selective electroplatingChan, Miu Ying
2010 Novel signal amplification system based on nanoparticle biolabels and its bioanalytical applicationCheung, Yiu Chi
2011 Novel silicon-embedded magnetic devices for power electronic applicationsWu, Rongxiang
1995 Novel silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and II-VI compound metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors (MSM-PDs)Ho, Jacob Y. L
2003 Novel simulation methods for calculating the reliability of structural dynamical systems subjected to stochastic loadsCheung, Sai Hung
2010 A novel soft forwarding technique for cooperative communicationDai, Gao Yang
2011 A novel species of cholinesterase in vertebrates : the discovery of PRiMA-linked AChE-BChE hybrid tetramer and its molecular assembly mechanismChen, Ping
2008 A novel super-resolution image by curve fitting in the threshold decomposition domainHo, Tsz Chun
2008 Novel surface treatment, functionalization and hybridization of carbon nanotubes and their polymer-based compositesMa, Peng Cheng
2002 The novel synaptic scaffold protein--SHANKKan, Ho Man
1999 A novel thin film slurry photocatalytic reactor for water purificationLi Puma, Gianluca; Ho, Chi Man; Lam, Hei Ning; Yue, Po-Lock
2002 A novel thioredoxin-like protein encoded by the C. elegans dpy-11 gene is required for body and sensory organ morphogenesisKo, Frankie C. F.; Chow, King-Lau
8-Jul-2009 A novel TiO2 material and the coating methods thereorYeung, King-Lun; Yao, Nan
1998 A novel -π/2 and 3π/2 twist bistable TN LCDXie, Z. L.; Tang, Thomas; Kwok, Hoi-Sing
2006 NRC-interacting factor 1 interacts with p35 and regulates neuronal differentiationZhao, Xiaosu
8-Jul-2008 N-stage exponential charge pumps, charging stages therefor and methods of operation thereofSu, Feng; Lam, Yat-Hei; Tsui, Chi-Ying; Ki, Wing-Hung
20-Oct-2009 N-stage exponential charge pumps, charging stages therefor and methods of operation thereofKi, Wing-Hung; Su, Feng; Lam, Yat-Hei; Tsui, Chi-ying
8-Apr-2008 Nucleic acid encoding fluorescent protein constructs and methods for detecting apoptosisChang, Donald C.; Luo, Kathy Q.
2010 A nucleotide-mediated strategy for the synthesis of bio-functionalized gold-nanoparticlesZhao, Wenting
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