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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2002 A 1.8-V 2.4-GHz monolithic CMOS inductor-less frequency synthesizer for Bluetooth applicationWong, Man Chun
2009 1924 nian zhi 1927 nianZhongguo gong chan dang zai Nanhai nong cun di qu dong yuan ce lüe yan jiuHo, Kin Hang (何建衡)
Sep-2001 The 1997-1998 break in industrial statistics : facts and appraisalHolz, Carsten A.; Lin, Yi-Min
2003 1-Pentene epoxidation in titanium silicalite-1 microchannel reactor : experiments and modellingWan, Y. S. S.; Gavriilidis, A.; Yeung, King-Lun
2002 A 1-V CMOS power amplifier for Bluetooth applicationsHo, Ka Wai
1999 1-V switched-capacitor pseudo-2-path filterCheung, Sin-Luen
1995 2,3-anti-selective aldol of benzylic nitrilesLo, Kam Moon
May-2010 A 24-GHz and 60-GHz dual-band standing-wave VCO in 0.13μm CMOS processWu, Liang; Ng, Alan W. L.; Leung, Lincoln L. K.; Luong, Howard Cam
2000 A 2.4GHz CMOS four port mixer and analog multiplierTang, Jing Jung
2.4GHz fast hopping frequency synthesizerWong, Wallace Ming Yip
1999 2.4GHz ISM band antenna for PC cardsNg, Kin Ping
2003 2D numerical simulation of convective overshooting and mixingMui, John Sze King
Feb-2010 A 2G-RFID-based e-healthcare systemChen, Min; Gonzalez, S.; Leung, V.; Zhang, Qian; Li, Ming
1999 A 2-V 1.8-GHz fully-integrated CMOS frequency synthesizer for DCS-1800 wireless systemsKan, Kwok-Kei
1999 A 2-V 900-MHz monolithic CMOS dual-loop frequency synthesizer for GSM receiversYan, Shing Tak
2007 A 3.1-8.0 GHz MB-OFDM UWB transceiver in 0.18μm CMOSZheng, Hui; Lou, Shuzuo; Lu, Dongtian; Shen, Cheng; Chan, Tat Fu; Luong, Howard Cam
2000 3D data acquisition of sculptured objectLiu, Yifan
1998 3-dimensional foot digitizationHo, Cheuk Fan
2009 3-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet in cubic lattice under time periodic magnetic fieldChan, Chi Hung
1996 A 3-dimensional perspective on integrated management of rules and objectsChiu, Dickson K. W.; Li, Qing
2010 3D measurement and color grading of diamonds based on machine visionRen, Zhiguo
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