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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2007 Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in various micro devices for the development of micro absorption heat pump systemsHu, Jinshan
2002 Heat transfer of supercritical carbon dioxide in MINI/MICRO tubesLiao, Shengming
2009 Hedging and pricing of constant maturity swap derivativesZheng, Wendong
Mar-2004 Hedging, speculation and shareholder valueAdam, Tim R.; Fernando, Chitru S.
2005 Height effect on nucleation-site activity and size-dependent bubble dynamics in microchannel convective boilingLee, Man; Cheung, Luthur Siu Lun; Lee, Yi-Kuen; Zohar, Yitshak
2008 Heisenberg model with spin anisotropy on the Kagomé latticeFong, Manson Cheuk-Man
1992 Helicopter crash investigationChen, Jay-Chung
12-Dec-2001 Helping students take responsibility for their learning : reflections on a first-year English course for engineering studentsMegan, Melissa J.; Pemberton, Richard; Pople, Jan
12-Feb-2009 A hematopoietic perspective on the promiscuity and specificity of Gα16 signalingSu, Yan; Ho, Maurice Kwok Chung; Wong, Yung-Hou
1999 Herding behavior and consumer decision makingLo, Alison King Chung
2001 Hermes group decision support system enhancementsChung, Po Loi
1998 Hermes : supporting argumentative discourse in multi-agent decision makingKaracapilidis, Nikos; Papadias, Dimitris
2008 HERO : online real-time vehicle tracking in ShanghaiZhu, Yanmin; Ni, Lionel M.; Zhu, Hongzi; Li, Minglu
2001 Heterogeneous investment opportunities in multiple-segment firms and the incremental value relevance of segment accounting dataChen, Peter; Zhang, Guochang
2010 A heuristic algorithm for the multi-period vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery serviceXu, Liangyu
1999 Heuristic rules' performance in course timetable schedulingLo, Frances Man Ching
1995 Heuristic search for statistical machine translationNg, Cindy K. Y
1999 Hidden-mode Markov decision processesChoi, Samuel P. M.; Yeung, Dit-Yan; Zhang, Nevin Lianwen
Jun-2000 Hiding data in halftone image using modified data hiding error diffusionFu, Ming Sun; Au, Oscar C.
1999 Hierarchical constraint satisfaction in spatial databasesPapadias, Dimitris; Kalnis, Panagiotis; Mamoulis, Nikos
2002 Hierarchical decompositions and circular ray shooting in simple polygonsCheng, Siu-Wing; Cheong, Otfried; Everett, Hazel; Van Oostrum, Rene
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