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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2010 Oxygen consumption rate of copepod fecal pellets : variations among copepod species, prey types and prey nutritional valuesShek, Lok Lun
Jan-2006 P2P searching trends : 2002-2004Kwok, James S. H.
22-Jun-2004 p35nck5a binding proteinsChing, Yick Pang; Wang, Jerry H. C.
2001 Packet scheduling algorithms for virtual output queued switchesJiang, Ying
4-Apr-2000 Packet scheduling systemTsang, Danny H. K.; Bensaou, Brahim; Chan, King Tung
15-Feb-2001 Packing two disks into a polygonal environmentBose, Prosenjit; Morin, Pat; Vigneron, Antoine
2006 p-adic L-functions for unitary Shimura varieties, I: Construction of the Eisenstein measureLi, Jian Shu; Harris, M.; Skinner, C.
2009 Palladium complexes of aromatic amide-derived phosphines and application for synthesis of biaryls, nitrogen heterocycles, and benzo[b]furansYue, Congyong
1997 Pansystems optimization, generalized principles of optimality, and fundamental equations of dynamic programmingChen, Bei-fang
21-May-2007 Paperlike thermochromic displayLiu, Liyu; Peng, Suili; Wen, Wei-Jia; Sheng, Ping
1997 Parallel transmission for wideband wireless personal communicationsKuganesan, Pararajasingam
May-2000 Parameter estimation for image/video transcodingGuo, Zihua; Au, Oscar C.; Letaief, K. B.
2007 Parameter-free adaptive genetic algorithmLaw, Nga Lam
1996 A parametric cell based methodology for converting hand crafted bulk CMOS designs to SOIChow, Cheuk Wai
1998 A parametric study of an indirect evaporative air coolerGuo, X. C.; Zhao, Tian-Shou
Sep-2001 Parametric study on multiple tuned mass dampers for buffeting control of Yangpu BridgeGu, M.; Chang, Chih-Chen; Chen, S. R.
2007 Pareto-improving and revenue-neutral congestion pricingLiu, Yang
2002 The parsing of extended context-free grammarsBrüggemann-Klein, Anne; Wood, Derick
2013 Partial Imitation Hinders Emergence of Cooperation in the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma with Direct ReciprocityAntony, Mathis A.; Wu, Degang; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2010 Partial imitation rule in iterated prisoner dilemma game on a square latticeWu, Degang; Antony, Mathis A.; Szeto, Kwok-Yip
2011 Partial information, noise and network topology in 2x2 games with memoryAntony, Mathis Aurelius
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