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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2001 Rock under the red flag : the cultural politics of Chinese rock music in the People's Republic of ChinaTing, Chun Chun
2003 ROD-TV : surface reconstruction on demand by tensor votingNg, Ho Lun
2009 The role of adenosine receptors in inflammationSun, Ying
Jun-1999 The role of affect in perceptions of brand name and price : effects and underlying cognitive mechanismsAdaval, Rashmi
2006 Role of axin in TGF-[beta] signaling pathway and characterization of axin mutant proteins in axinFu miceLiu, Wei
1998 Role of Bcl-2 family proteins in apoptosis of human hepatoma cell linesLuo, Dan
2012 The role of Cdc48p in the regulation of DNA replication in budding yeastChung, Siu Wong
2011 The role of Cdk5 in endophilinB1-mediated regulation of NGF/TrkA traffickingHe, Ying
Sep-1997 The role of culture in the resolution of information incongruityAaker, Jennifer L.; Sengupta, Jaideep
2007 The role of dissolved organic nitrogen in by-product formation during drinking water chloraminationYang, Xin
May-2003 The role of expectation formation in a real business cycle modelCho, Jang-Ok
2006 The role of G[alpha]z during muscle differentiationMei, Hua
22-Dec-2009 The role of glial cells in influencing neurite extension by dorsal root ganglion cellsNg, Kai Yu; Wong, Yung-Hou; Wise, Helen
2011 Role of G protein-coupled receptors and G₁₄ signaling in inflammationKwan, Dawna Hiu Tung
2008 Role of Gα-interacting protein (GAIP) in modulation of MAPK pathwaysIp, Koon-ching
2011 The role of Hong Kong in mainland China's modernization in manufacturingSharif, Naubahar; Tseng, Mitchell M.
May-2004 The role of information and information systems in the online retail marketBodoff, David
2009 The role of intra- and intercellular Ca[superscript]2+ transients in the differentiation of enveloping layer cells during the blastula period of zebrafish (danio rerio) developmentZhang, Jiao
2009 The role of MAD2L1BP in the silencing of the spindle-assembly checkpoint and the DNA damage checkpointOn, Kin Fan
2008 The role of mental imagery and visual perspective in consumer behaviorJiang, Yuwei
2011 The role of orientation diversity in binocular vergence controlQu, Chao
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