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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2006 Identification of CD8+ T cell epitopes from HCA661 presented by HLA-A2 moleculesPang, Ha Sang
2007 Identification of Cdk5RAP1 as a potential regulator of mitochondrial functions and cell deathWong, Grace Kai Wai
2010 Identification of cis-regulatory elements in mouse Mab21l2 gene by comparative genomicsShek, Kim Fung
2005 Identification of interactions between SARS-CoV 3a and human host proteinsYang, Yanzhen
Dec-2009 Identification of low-order process model with time delay from closed-loop step testLiu, Tao; Gao, Furong; Zhao, Chunhui
2007 Identification of nonlinear non-hysteretic and hysteretic structures using empirical mode decompositionPoon, Chun Wing
2008 Identification of novel anticancer drug candidates from Chinese medicinal herbs with DNA replication-initiation proteins as the targetsShen, Yi
2006 The identification of novel marine bacteria, and the construction of single chain fragment variable antibodies for the control of a viral pathogenLau, Ken Wan Keung
2003 Identification of Pctaire1 as a p35-interacting protein and a novel substrate for Cdk5Cheng, Kai
2011 The identification of phosphatases important for mitosis and replicative stress responseTsang, Yiu Huen
2002 Identification of putative tumor suppressor gene activities in nasopharyngeal carcinomaCheng, Yue
2012 Identification of receptors for sex pheromone perception in AWA neurons of caenorhabditis elegansZhou, Yuan
2010 Identification of SARS coronavirus 3a protein cytoplasmic signals for cellular trafficking and investigation of its cellular effectsLiu, Fuli
2001 Identification of technological structures using patent statisticsFung, Michael K.; Chow, William W. Y.
2006 Identification of the EphA4-interacting proteins by yeast two-hybrid screeningHung, Kwok Wang
Aug-2009 Identification of time delay model for integrating processes from closed-loop step testLiu, Tao; Gao, Furong; Zhao, Chunhui
2005 Identification of TrkB as a p35 interacting protein and a Cdk5 substrateChin, Wing Hong
2003 Identifying customer need patterns for customization and personalizationDu, Xuehong; Jiao, Jianxin; Tseng, Mitchell M.
1998 Identity elements of tRNATrpWong, Man Sim
2007 Identity formation(s) of mainland immigrants in Hong KongLeung, Yvonne Yee Man
2013 If you build it, they will come : an intra-institutional user engagement process in the Learning CommonsChan, Diana L. H.; Wong, Gabrielle K. W.
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