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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2005 Issues and discussions of RFID adoptions in supply chainJiang, Bo
1995 An issues identifier for on-line financial databasesYen, Jerome; Chen, H.; Ma, Pai Chun; Bui, Tung X.
2006 Issues in assemble-to-order systemsFeng, Jiejian
2002 Is the bankruptcy risk rewarded by higher expected returns? : evidence from Japan 1980-2000Xu, Ming
12-Dec-2001 I still can't print the notes : student attitudes towards online learningMisic, Vojislav B.
2005 IT adoption and its impact on logistics industry : the Pearl River Delta experienceDing, Hua
2005 Iterative algorithms for channel estimation and equalizationYao, Ning
2004 Iterative algorithms for the constrained design of filters and filter banksLaw, Ying Man
1999 Iterative grid redistribution method for singular problemsRen, Weiqing
1999 Iterative methods for the damage detection of a truss structureWong, Chun-Nam
Oct-2007 JAK1–STAT1–STAT3, a key pathway promoting proliferation and preventing premature differentiation of myoblastsSun, Luguo; Ma, Kewei; Wang, Haixia; Xiao, Fang; Gao, Yan; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Ke-Peng; Gao, Xiang; Ip, Nancy Y.; Wu, Zhenguo
24-Jan-2002 Jarrow-Lando-Turnbull modelKwok, Yue Kuen
2000 Jet interaction in a still or co-flowing environmentWang, Haijing
2006 Jincheng hua jie gou zhu ci de fen bu he lai yuan : jian lun Shanxi fang yan jie gou zhu ci de ge ju ji xing chengJiao, Nina (焦妮娜)
2007 Jin Yong wu xia xiao shuo lian zai ben (1962-1972) yu wen hua da ge mingChan, So Man (陳素雯)
2009 Join processing in non-conventional databasesYang, Yin
2001 Joint allocation of FEC and bandwidth across layers for video multicast over wired and wireless networksLee, Angus Tak Wan
2010 Joint cooperative sensing and user scheduling in cognitive radio networksSun, Chunhua
2007 Joint design of topology formation and traffic routing in wireless mesh networksZhang, Han
2011 Joint development of disparity tuning and vergence controlSun, Wanting
Sep-1995 The joint effects of brands and warranties in signaling new product qualityPrice, Lydia J.; Dawar, Niraj
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